Neoprene Sleeve

Neoprene bag with zipper

  • reliable protection against scratches and signs of use thanks to cushioned interior
  • padded protective lip around zipper
  • water repellent neoprene

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Item number 1576-1907

The Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve offers your MacBook or Surface Notebook reliable, all-round protection and brings a welcome splash of color to daily life with its fresh design. Thanks to its special neoprene finish, this notebook sleeve boasts a range of unique features, including an ultra-slim design and distinctive feel.


The soft, cushioned fleece lining ensures that your notebook remains well protected at all times inside our Neoprene Sleeve. The Surface & MacBook Sleeves protect your mobile device from scratches and damage when you’re out and about.


The robust, neoprene cover not only absorbs the force of external impacts such as light knocks. It also protects your notebook from spills, splashes and rain, and provides a non-slip grip in your hand.

Soft yet robust for strong protection

The combination of cushioned interior and durable exterior means that our Surface & MacBook Sleeves provide the best possible protection for your mobile devices. What’s more, even the zipper has a padded, protective edge, ensuring that your MacBook or Surface notebook can’t be scratched when you open and close the case. Our Neoprene Sleeve effortlessly overcomes the challenges of your mobile everyday life.

Ideal partner: The Artwizz Cable Sleeve

Perfectly coordinated with our Neoprene Sleeve, the Artwizz Cable Sleeve is now also available – our neoprene sleeve for your cables, adapters and charging devices. Put an end to cable clutter and bring more order into your life. Together, the two sleeves form an unbeatable team – with the matching designs and identical colors.

Sleek and colorful for maximum style

Our Notebook Sleeve is just like your favorite piece of clothing: it fits perfectly, looks great and feels amazing. Like a custom-made suit or a perfectly cut dress, it fits snugly around your MacBook or Surface device, keeping your notebook safe and secure while maintaining its sleek design. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, the Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve lets you create stylish accents and express your incredible taste. This notebook sleeve is the perfect companion for university, job or travel.

Quality, protection and a love of detail: Highest praise from the trade press

"Extremely robust and scratch-resistant " as well as "above-average resilience" The testers at connect could hardly stop praising our neoprene sleeve. The result? 100 percent! "The design is straightforward and functional" And it's super easy to use. It suits all tastes and is also perfect for the "flat notebooks or convertibles of other brands" in addition to the MacBook and Surface. Both connect and Mac Life were impressed by the exacting attention to detail. Mac Life sings its highest praise: "Even the zippers have a padded protective edge so that the metal housing of the hardware does not get scratched." Mac Life awarded us a fabulous score of 1.3 for our "superbly padded bag".

Why Artwizz

Fall in love with our Neoprene Sleeve and its exquisite materials and high-quality workmanship. The durable, non-slip neoprene exterior and velvety soft fleece interior combine perfectly to provide exquisite Notebook protection and quality that you will appreciate every day.

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