Neoprene Sleeve Pro

Neoprene sleeve with zipper and convenient external pocket

  • protects against scratches and signs of wear and tear
  • soft fleece lining
  • zippered main compartment with padded protective edge
  • additional space for accessories thanks to external pocket

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Item number 0086-2994

The Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve Pro is the smart evolution of our all-round notebook protection classic, the Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve. You can always rely on the ultra-slim, custom design and proven protective properties of our neoprene sleeve and its soft fleece lining. Now we’ve also added a new pocket on the outside of the MacBook sleeve to give you even more space for accessories and everyday items.

Never more durable, or so velvety soft

The exterior of the Neoprene Sleeve Pro is made of robust, elastic and hard-wearing neoprene, which means this case will cushion your MacBook better than ever before. Even if the case gets splashed by rain, your MacBook is perfectly safe in the sleeve thanks to the water repellent properties of the heavy-duty neoprene. The grippiness of the neoprene also means that this is one MacBook sleeve that will never slip out of your hands and is a joy to carry.

The interior of the Neoprene Sleeve Pro has a high-quality, extra-soft, fleece lining. This gently protects your MacBook and protects it from scratches and wear and tear.

More space for your mobile life

What sets our Neoprene Sleeve Pro apart from the competition are the two compartments that provide ample space for your notebook and accessories. The MacBook sleeve’s main compartment is fitted with a padded zipper that gives you quick and easy access to your notebook whenever you need it, wherever you are. And when you need your technical accessories, you can easily stow them in the convenient exterior pocket. Whether it’s charger cables, earphones or memory sticks, the most important thing is that you will always have the essentials with you thanks to this valuable additional storage space.

Design in accordance with function

The Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve Pro is not only lightweight, super slim and easy to carry, it’s also an elegant MacBook case with a timelessly aesthetic design. The case’s attractive look is accentuated by the diagonal zipper on the front of the notebook sleeve’s outer pocket. And with such a great selection of colors, you can choose a Neoprene Sleeve Pro that harmonizes with your personal style: from classic Black or Titanium across accentuated Gold or Nordic-Blue up to striking Petrol, Jungle-Flower or Grass-Green, the choice is yours! Both the main compartment’s zipper and the zipper on the outer pocket are color-coordinated to accent the color of the MacBook sleeve.

Your MacBook: safe and sound when you’re on the go

Our Neoprene Sleeve Pro is precision engineered to fit your MacBook model. The notebook case hugs your MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Air 13", MacBook Pro 14" or MacBook Pro 16" corners and edges with no excess space. This guarantees that your MacBook can’t move around inside the case.

Space for your accessories

Everything you need to get the most out of your MacBook can be stored in the Neoprene Sleeve Pro’s exterior pocket. Whether you’re in the office, traveling or studying, you’ll have all of your essential accessories right at your fingertips. You can also keep your wallet or keychain in the pocket without running the risk of keys or coins scratching your MacBook’s elegant body. Whatever you decide to stow in the outside pocket of the MacBook case, it’s always zippered away and can’t slip out.

Unbeatable protection

The durable neoprene exterior our Neoprene Sleeve Pro and the fluffy, soft fleece interior combine to provide reliable notebook protection against scratches and wear as you live your mobile life to the full. But that’s not all the protection this sleeve has to offer: the main compartment zipper has a padded edge to prevent the metallic closure from leaving scratches on your precious MacBook.

Here’s what the trade press has to say about our Neoprene Sleeve Pro:

Mac Life’s experts simply love the “classic design” of our “secure MacBook sleeve.” When it comes to the new Pro version, the testers are positive that our sleeve guarantees “reliable, ultra-slim protection,” just like its predecessor the Neoprene Sleeve. The fact that the Neoprene Sleeve Pro is available in “four colors” and has an “large extra compartment” with plenty of “space for accessories” is also reflected in the high overall rating. All in all, our Neoprene Sleeve Pro received the fabulous mark 1.2, close to a perfect score of 1.0.

Why Artwizz

From day on of its existence, Artwizz has been dedicated to protecting your mobile darlings and enhancing your mobile life. We are constantly developing new and innovative products and looking for ways to improve the products we make. With the Neoprene Sleeve Pro, we have created a notebook case that provides the best in all-round protection and also offers the storage space you need for your mobile accessories. We developed this MacBook Sleeve to be your ideal daily companion. And it is!

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