Protective Cases

It can happen in the blink of an eye: an unsightly scratch on your notebook’s sensitive housing. Don’t run the risk. Protect your device with an Artwizz notebook protective case.

Your notebook is always with you and you put it down everywhere: on the dining table, on the dresser and even on the floor. Tiny dust particles can be enough to leave unsightly scratches and scuffs in the sensitive housing of your mobile favorite. With a suitable back side clip, you can protect your notebook from these hazards. Our Artwizz protective cases offer all-round notebook protection and also cover the corners of your device. We’ve designed our notebook cases to be super slim, so they don’t take away from the original feel of your notebook. In addition, our notebook cases are extremely lightweight, so the weight of your device remains almost unchanged during transport. The dimensions of our notebook cases are precision engineered to match the dimensions of your notebook model. And of course our notebook accessories are also designed for your personal style. Whether you are looking for a simple and almost invisible notebook case or an eye-catching case that adds a touch of color to your mobile darling, you’ll find the right notebook protective case that matches your individual style.