PowerPlug USB-C 61W

Charging device with USB-C output for notebooks

  • with integrated surge protection
  • for high performance devices with USB-C connection
  • 140-cm, removable power cable with European power plug

Item number pp61_usbc_uni_1952
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Power for your USB-C Notebook

Our PowerPlug USB-C 61W is designed for high-performance USB-C devices such as the MacBook Pro 16 " or the iPad Pro (2020) and has a front USB-C port. Our two large PowerPlugs have clear design lines, combining rounded sides with straight edges in brushed aluminum. That’s why the USB-C chargers are perfect for MacBooks and other silver notebooks with USB-C connectors. Even though the two USB-C power cables are mainly designed for notebooks, you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other USB-C devices with them, too.

Our USB-C chargers wow the trade press:

Mac Life was impressed by the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 61W, awarding a fantastic score of 1.3: "The successor to the popular 24W has, as the product's name suggests, more than doubled its performance and now charges the MacBook Pro 13" (models from 2016 onwards) faster than ever before." The USB-C charger received a score of 93.3% from connect, certifying a more than successful product test.