Silicone Pet Collar Case turns Apple AirTag into a GPS Pet Tracker

  • small, slim AirTag case made of lightweight, highly durable silicone
  • for pet collars and straps with a width of 1.0-2.5cm
  • scratch resistant, waterproof and reliable AirTag protection
  • easy to attach, comfortable for dogs and cats

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Item number 4619-3442

In no time at all, the Artwizz PetStrap turns your Apple AirTag into a GPS pet tracker. Simply attach it to your furry friend’s collar and you’ll never have to worry about finding your pet ever again. Simply use your AirTag with your pet as you would with anything else and you’ll have your four-legged friend on your radar in the Find My app.

Maximum comfort for dogs and cats

Your pet is active, jumps and climbs – and it should keep on living life to the full while wearing the GPS tracker. And that's precisely why we designed our AirTag collar case so that it doesn’t restrict your pet’s freedom of movement. Feather-light, soft silicone doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your pet’s collar and yet it is still extremely robust. Our PetStrap protects the AirTag from splashes of water and the silicone is also scratch-resistant. And, thanks to its ultra-flat design, the case doesn’t hang down on your pet’s collar and won’t get in the way when they are walking, running or jumping. At the same time, the danger of the collar snagging anywhere is minimized by the case’s secure, flat fit. The PetStrap has no closure, so there’s no way the case can open unintentionally and interrupt tracking.

A unique look for a range of applications

With the Artwizz AirTag silicone case, you can also create an individual highlight on your pet’s collar. In pink or purple, you can turn your furry friend’s collar into a colorful eye-catcher, while in classic black or white, the AirTag cover is more inconspicuous. Can’t decide? No problem! With our double pack, you get two colors and can change the case at any time – or get two PetStraps in your favorite color.

Added peace of mind

It’s a nightmare situation for every dog owner: Your heart starts thumping as you call for your four-legged companion and they are nowhere to be seen. Even as a cat owner, you probably get restless when your kitty disappears for several hours or even days. With the Artwizz PetStrap and your Apple AirTag, you’ll never have to worry again, because you will always know your pet’s whereabouts. Our silicone case for the Apple AirTags turns your pet’s collar into a practical GPS tracker.

Compact and slim

You can attach the Artwizz Apple AirTag case to all standard pet collars with a width of between 1.0cm and 2.5cm. You can even attach it to narrow, detachable straps on backpacks and bags, as long as they are no wider than 2.5cm.

No hassle and quick to attach to pet collars

It couldn’t be easier to insert an Apple AirTag into your PetStrap case: Simply insert the AirTag with the open side facing your pet and thread the collar through the loops of the case. Then, carefully put the collar on your pet and your dog or cat can go out and explore – without you having to worry.

Why Artwizz

Artwizz has been developing practical accessories that make your everyday mobile life easier and safer since 2004. Today, we are especially proud to be able to offer you a product for your true favorite, your pet. As you would expect from Artwizz, we have also placed a major focus on quality and comfort with our PetStrap. Because for us, a pet is like any other member of the family.