Translucent bumper case

  • durable, shock-absorbent protection for corners and edges
  • slightly raised edges also protect your iPhone`s screen and back
  • unobtrusive thanks to its ultra-slim, translucent design
  • non-slip and scratch-resistant material for optimal grip

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Item number 9049-2678

Artwizz Bumper is our latest innovation for your smartphone. The protective frame is tough, slim and translucent, which makes it the perfect corner and edge protector for your device. What’s more, it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk or compromise your smartphone’s signature design. And, thanks to its non-slip material, you’ll always have your mobile device securely to hand.

Maximum protection, minimum case

We have developed the Artwizz Bumper especially for your smartphone model. It hugs the corners and edges of your favorite device tightly, providing reliable protection to the surfaces of your smartphone that are most susceptible to scratches and wear. The Artwizz Bumper combines robust materials, giving you durable impact protection that can withstand even harder knocks. Our Bumper case not only protects the corners and edges of your mobile device, its slightly raised edges also ensure that neither the front display nor the back camera can come into direct contact with flat surfaces, thereby minimizing the risk of accidental scratches when you put your smartphone down. The Bumper case’s translucent material lets the colors of your device shine through on the sides of the device, while the back and the display remain open.

Advanced materials, ingeniously combined

We’ve developed a special combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate for our Bumper case, giving you maximum protection with an optimal and flexible fit. The soft TPU on the Bumper case’s front means it sits snugly around your smartphone and is still very easy to apply. In addition, the buttons on the sides are protected from dirt and wear and tear, and the soft material allows them to be used as usual. The back of the smartphone bumper case is made of durable polycarbonate. In the event of a serious fall, the shock-absorbing qualities of the protective bumper case will protect your vulnerable device from breakage.

Virtually unchanged design

Despite its strong protective properties, the translucent Artwizz Bumper hardly has any impact on the elegant design of your smartphone. Only the edges of your mobile device are actually covered by the bumper case, while the front and back remain free. The translucent design captures the original smartphone color and lets it shine through. Thanks to its low weight, the Artwizz Bumper is hardly noticeable at all. Our Bumper Case is the lightest protection you can get for your smartphone.

Couldn’t be easier to use

Unlike other protective frames, the Artwizz Bumper is designed as a slim, one-piece unit that doesn’t need an annoying locking mechanism. All you need to do is push your smartphone into the protective frame from the front and, thanks to the soft TPU material, it will fit securely in the bumper case. The Artwizz Bumper not only protects your device, its understated, minimalist design makes sure that it’s always your smartphone that is the center of attention, not its case.

The Artwizz Bumper tested:

Mac Life: “You won’t find better minimalist protection anywhere else (...). The robust, translucent Artwizz Bumper protects your smartphone’s edges and corners and, thanks to its slightly raised edges, it also protects your device’s screen and back. What’s more, the bumper offers optimum grip thanks to its non-slip material.” In a nutshell: “Minimalist protection that highlights the elegance of Apple’s original design.”

Perfect all-round protection for your smartphone

The Artwizz Bumper Case protects the edges of your mobile device from wear and tear. The smartphone Bumper also protects your device’s screen or back from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces when you do put your smartphone down. If you want the ultimate in hardly visible all-round protection, we recommend that you also protect your device’s screen and back with our protective glass. If you are looking for full-screen protection, our CurvedDisplay is a must. You can also protect the potentially vulnerable back of your iPhone with our SecondBack, without losing any of its authentic, real glass feel. Combining CurvedDisplay, SecondBack and Bumper, your iPhone is completely protected, without bulky all-round protection. Our glass protection and Bumpers really are an unbeatable team against scratches and glass breakage.

Twice the protection for your iPhone with our Duo

The Artwizz Bumper is also available in a set with our SecondBack back protection glass for selected iPhone models. In combination, the Bumper frame protects the sides and edges of your Apple device and the protective glass prevents scratches on the back of your iPhone.

Why Artwizz

Because our cases are designed with maximum attention to detail for your smartphone in Berlin. Carefully selected, high-quality materials ensure an ideal fit and a great feeling whenever you touch your favorite mobile companion. Our Bumper is the lightest, yet safest, protection for your device. The minimalist, translucent design hardly has any impact on the original look you know and love so much. Our Bumper and your smartphone in harmony: the color of your mobile companion will always shine through with the Artwizz Bumper.