CurvedGlass Back&Front

Screen and back protection made of curved glass

  • protects the Galaxy S9`s front and back side from scratches and breakage
  • almost invisible thanks to especially slim design
  • Samsung logo remains visible through transparent recess

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Item number 2361-2379

Our CurvedGlass Back&Front combination set offers you the ideal glass protection for the front and back of your Samsung Galaxy S9. This special set contains both our CurvedDisplay and CurvedBack and provides almost invisible but strong protection for your device’s front and back. Combining our front and rear glass protectors, this set is the perfect Galaxy S9 protection for purists, allowing you to preserve the elegant glass finish of your favourite device in its original, pristine condition. At the same time, the special price of our new combination set also saves you money.

The specialized press on our glass protection combination:

This is high praise indeed from Smartphone Magazin: With precision engineered Artwizz safety glass, curved displays are "guaranteed a perfect fit and outstanding protection". Our innovative Technology also means that "touchscreen sensitivity is in no way compromised".

Smartphone Magazine gives our CurvedBack its top rating of “very good”: “The glass reliably protects the back of the smartphone from scratches and damage.” According to the trade magazine, the CurvedBack’s “streamlined construction makes it almost invisible and, thanks to the inbuilt window and cut outs, the device’s logo remains visible and the camera functions perfectly.”

Glass screen protection

CurvedDisplay is our full-screen, safety glass protection for smartphones with curved displays. Its rounded edges are precision engineered to match the curvature of your mobile device and elegantly cover your smartphone’s entire front, reliably protecting it from scratches and display breakage. Our glass screen protection is designed to perfectly complement the design of your smartphone and has a colored edge that precisely matches the original color of your device. We’ve also included precision cut-outs for your phone’s camera, microphone and speakers, etc. Thus, the CurvedDisplay’s safety glass not only maintains the original responsiveness of your device’s touchscreen, it also has almost no impact on your smartphone’s original design.

Glass back protection

The Artwizz CurvedBack is a great alternative to traditional protective covers. The CurvedBack’s ultra-slim safety glass not only protects the back of your device from scratches and breakage, it also protects the curved edges. Unlike our transparent screen protectors, the CurvedBack is colour-coordinated to your mobile device. Precise cut-outs ensure that your smartphone’s back camera, touch ID area and manufacturer’s logo are unobstructed and visible at all times. What’s more, our CurvedBack also maintains your smartphone’s original stylish look and high quality feel.

Why Artwizz

The combined CurvedGlass Back&Front set is the perfect expression of our passion for purist protection. The set includes both our CurvedDisplay and our CurvedBack, giving you two glass protection products combining the highest-quality materials to protect the front and back of your Galaxy S9. We are proud to present discreet smartphone protection to fall in love with!