Protective case with stand function

  • shockproof all-round protection additionally provided by protruding edges
  • magnetic closure integrated: comfortable opening and secure closing
  • micro fleece cover inside

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Item number 1293-1879

With the FolioJacket, Artwizz offers you the ultimate in all-round protection for your smartphone. This protective smartphone case with stand function doesn’t just protect the back of your smartphone from scratches, wear and tear or impacts, it also shields your device’s sides and display thanks to its protective edges and front cover, which features a magnetic clasp for secure closure. Our FolioJacket offers much more than just optimal protection. Its practical stand means you can also easily and comfortably use your smartphone to watch videos, without having to hold it in your hand. Incorporating all-round protection and a convenient stand, no compromise has been made on the Artwizz FolioJacket’s design, which exudes modernity and sophisticated elegance.

A strong and durable protective case needs to protect your mobile device from all sides.

Because a simple cover can’t do the job effectively enough, we set ourselves the task of developing an even more reliable form of protection for mobile devices. The end result: Slightly elevated edges combined with a magnetic clasp. With its specially designed form and elevated edges, our new case takes its inspiration from the crumple zones that are built into cars, protecting your smartphone reliably by absorbing the impact of knocks and falls. And the front cover’s integrated magnetic clasp provides extra protection for your device’s front display. If you do ever drop your device, the front cover closes automatically even as it falls, ensuring that nothing can happen to your smartphone’s display, which is safely protected behind the closed cover.

Precision elements provide gentle and secure protection

The interior of our FolioJacket has also been designed to provide the best possible protection for your mobile companion. The integrated, precision engineered Clip holds your smartphone securely, and ensures that it cannot slip or fall out of the case. At the same time, the Clip is designed to guarantee full functionality of your smartphone and easy access to all of its buttons and ports. Soft micro-fleece covers the full interior of the FolioJacket, providing an extra level of protection against scratches and signs of wear and tear. Your device’s display is gently encased by the soft fleece on the inside of the front cover. In combination with the magnetic clasp, your smartphone enjoys reliable and gentle, all-round protection.

Easy to use, with a convenient stand function

It couldn’t be easier to secure your smartphone in the precision engineered, fully integrated Clip. To take advantage of the protective case’s stand function, simply remove your device from the left and position it on its side. The FolioJacket automatically folds itself into the right configuration and you can adjust the angle of the display to any angle you want. Your smartphone remains securely in the case at all times, while you watch videos and view photos to your heart’s content.

Exquisite materials for an elegant design

The FolioJacket’s exterior has a durable polyurethane coating. As a result, this smartphone case with stand function is less susceptible to scratches and feels fantastic in the hand. Its brushed design lends the FolioJacket a distinctively metallic appearance. Its particularly elegant and modern look is the ideal complement to the designs of the latest generation of mobile devices. The interior of this smartphone protective case is finished with soft, velvety fleece. The design is rounded off with the clip element’s unique Soft Touch coating. This allows your smartphone to be inserted quickly, and without any risk of scratches.

Strong protection, now also available for your tablet

Our original FolioJacket protects your smartphone from impacts and scratches. Now, with the FolioJacket Tablet, we have developed equally reliable all-round protection for your iPad, Surface or Samsung tablet. We have adapted the proven features and functions of our smartphone protective case to the needs of your tablet, and added some new features. For example, with our FolioJacket Tablet, you can change the angle of the stand function to comfortably watch movies or videos. In addition, opening and closing the FrontCover activates the Sleep/Wake function of your iPad. Now you can protect more of your favorite mobile devices from the dangers of your busy everyday life with our FolioJacket Tablet.

The specialized press about our FolioJacket®:

The FolioJacket® is rated 1.3 by the specialist magazine Mac Life. The connect Testlab for quality and trustworthiness has passed our all-round protection with 94 per cent above average. In addition to the high grip quality and the appealing design, "the magnetic force is very well balanced", which ensures optimal operation and "almost indestructible" protection. From Smartphone magazine the FolioJacket® gets an excellent very good, the round protection offers "perfect protection for case and glass."

Why Artwizz

Because the FolioJacket offers you the ultimate all-round protection, combined with elegant design and superior functionality. From the materials we have selected to the perfect protective form and magnetic clip, the developers of our latest smartphone protective case with stand function have thought of every single detail. It provides the ultimate protection for your mobile device and feels amazing as it does so. And, as if that isn’t enough, it also features an integrated, fully adjustable stand to make your mobile life that extra bit easier.