HangOn Case Silicone

Trend-hued Smartphone case made of silicone with lanyard strap

  • smartphone cord for everyday, hands-free use
  • case made of elastic and robust silicone protects your smartphone from impacts
  • flexible and durable silicone loops
  • adjustable carrying cord with bayonet clip is easy to swap out
  • cords in different designs available separately

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Item number 1922-3162

Why a cell phone cord makes your life easier

Sounds exaggerated, but it’s not: Whether you’re getting the kids ready for daycare in the morning or heading out in the evening with friends for an after-work party – having both hands free lets you focus on the most important and beautiful things in life. Carrying your cell phone in your hand all the time is just as impractical as frantically rooting through your handbag when you want to take a photo or answer a call.

The HangOn Case Silicone makes your mobile everyday life easier. Simply hang your smartphone around your neck and you have your hands free at all times and your cell phone ready when you need it.

Three handy ways to use

What makes our HangOn Case Silicone particularly handy is the possibility to remove the carrying cord. This way, the smartphone necklace can not only be worn across the shoulder or around your neck but also as protective case without using the cord at all.


Case without cord


Resistant and smooth

The HangOn Case Silicone is, as the name suggests, made of silicone. Silicone can withstand a lot. It is not only hard-wearing and robust, it is also elastic. This means your case won’t crack or break if you toss it onto a table. This smartphone case is also resistant to scratches. To the touch, the material feels pleasantly soft and yet securely non-slip, so there’s almost no chance of your smartphone slipping accidentally out of your hand.

How our case can score with inner values

A strong polycarbonate core is also integrated inside the silicone layer. This ensures that the case always stays in shape and holds your smartphone securely.

The silicone frame’s slightly raised edges are almost invisible to the naked eye and protect your smartphone from direct contact with surfaces. For example, if you place your phone on a table with the display facing down.

On the inside, the HangOn Case is lined with microfleece. This is an especially fine, soft fabric, that not only feels great, it also softly cradles your smartphone and provides optimal protection. By the way, it’s not only the cover of the HangOn Case that is made of silicone, but also the loops at the bottom of the smartphone case that you thread the carrying cord through. This makes them elastic enough to withstand the impact of bumping into a hard object.

Integrated magnetic ring from iPhone 15

A magnetic ring is built into the back of the iPhone 15 case. It supports the practical functions of your iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone Pro Max. Such as wireless charging at particularly fast speeds and increases the magnetic hold on wireless charging chargers and other compatible modules.

Your style, your colors

Our HangOn Case Silcone is not only practical, it also a fashionable accessory that perfectly complements your individual style. Available in six trendy colors, it offers the perfect final touch to every look.

Do you want your smartphone to coordinate with every outfit? Do you like simple elegance? Then you might like a HangOn Case Silicone in classic black or rich dark green, both of which come with a plain black cord.

Maybe you prefer a little more color? Then our HangOn Case Silicone in Nordic Blue, Purple Sky or Light Salsa adds a subtle touch of color to any of your outfits. The cords are always two-tone, a combination of the color of the HangOn Case and white.

With our newest HangOn Case Silicone in Grass-Green you will be fully in line with the current trend. The vivid green tone is complemented by a black cord and sets a stylisch accent in the trendy fashion color.

Our carrying cord is also full of special features

Soft and yet safe: Those are the perfect words to describe our HangOn Case Silicone carrying cord. But there are so many more useful details about this cord. The cord is not only soft and comfortable to wear, it is also light. So it doesn’t add any unnecessarily bulk. In addition, the braided cord is really tough. It does not wear out even after weeks of constant use.

The attached metal double cord stopper allows you to adjust the length of the carrying cord. With a total length of 1.50 meters you can wear the HangOn Case Silicone a little shorter around your neck like a chain or a little longer crossbody like a bag. Each HangOn Case comes with a matching carrying cord. And now comes the special part: You can also simply remove the cord or swap it out. A bayonet clip makes it very easy to remove the carrying cord from the case. So you can use the HangOn Case without a cord or with a different cord.

The specialized press about our HangOn Case Silicone:

"Thanks to the Artwizz HangOn Case Silicone, having your smartphone with you at all times couldn’t be easier. Simply stow your smartphone in the elastic and extremely robust silicone case and hang it around your neck or body! The color-coordinated cord runs through the tabs on the bottom of the case and is adjustable in length. Thanks to the high-quality bayonet clasp, you can also easily open and close the cord."

Your Style, your cord:

Using our diverse HangOn Bands you can individualize your HangOn Case Silicone according to your personal flavor. The changeable carrying cords are available separately in multiple colors which makes your smartphone necklace a stylisch fashion statement.

Why Artwizz

We believe that mobile accessories should match the design and quality of your smartphone. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been working to perfect every detail of our products. The practical use in everyday life is just as important to us as the perfect appearance.

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