NoCase Color

Colorful glossy protective case in elastic, translucent plastic

  • protects against scratches and abrasion
  • extremely slim, transparent design
  • specially developed, robust material

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Item number 7738-2229

Our classic, transparent smartphone NoCase is now also available in a variety of exciting colors. With this lightweight protective case, you can give your smartphone a vibrant new color, or enhance its original color. Given its incredible thinness, at just 0.8 mm, our NoCase Color doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk. With this case you can enjoy a colorful smartphone and protect it at the same time.

Show your true colors

The Artwizz NoCase Color is available in Black, Spaceblue and Raspberry editions. The black and blue cases are perfect for black or dark smartphones. You can even create a host of new color combinations thanks to the case’s translucent properties. Combine the colors of your smartphone and the NoCase Color to create something completely new. There are no limits to the fun you can have experimenting with different color combinations.

Experience the quality

Of course, we’ve used the same proven materials from our NoCase in our NoCase Color. It is slim, light, elastic and yet highly durable. The design of your smartphone remains largely true to its original form. The case is very easy to attach and just as easy to remove. With the NoCase Color, you have quality in your hands every day.

Safe through the day

Protected from wear and scratches, you won’t ever have to worry about the look of your smartphone. The non-slip surface provides maximum grip, so your phone will be secure in your hands, even when you're in a hurry. Thanks to our sophisticated “point technology,” there are no unattractive adhesion surfaces between the mobile device and the protective case, yet your smartphone is always securely held by the case.

Take a look at our classic NoCase...

The completely transparent smartphone case protects your favorite device without compromising its elegant design. This makes it the ideal case for everyone who prefers not to use a case at all!

... and our NoCase Design

Our NoCase Design Edition is a touch more extravagant. With modern polygon designs and silver contours, this transparent protective cover is a discreet eye-catcher for any smartphone.

Or how about our NextSkin®?

Taking our NoCase to the next level, the Artwizz NextSkin is made of elastic TPU and wows with its ultra-slim design and optimum protection against scratches and signs of wear. One third of the case is matt and two thirds are transparent. These contrasting finishes lend what is actually a monochrome case a striking two-piece look and make this smartphone protective case an absolute eye-catcher.

Why Artwizz

As a long-standing and established player in the world of consumer electronics, we have set ourselves the goal of manufacturing the best products for your mobile devices. We invest the lion’s share of our resources in quality and innovation. And our efforts have been recognized with numerous seals of quality and awards. In our wide product range, you are sure to find the best protection for your mobile darling.