The invisible smartphone case

  • protects against scratches and abrasion
  • virtually invisible thanks to transparent, slim design
  • specially developed, robust material

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Item number 0604-3048

With the Artwizz NoCase the name says it all: You’d be forgiven for thinking you have “no case” on your smartphone! It’s transparent, ultra-slim and light, and yet it provides incredible protection for your most precious mobile device. All of this makes our transparent smartphone case the ideal choice for smartphone owners who, if they’re honest, would prefer not to use a case at all.

Secure and flexible






_easy to apply

Makes your life lighter

Our NoCase is the ultimate in barely-there smartphone protective cases. At just 1.2 mm, it is both extremely slim and completely transparent, which means that it doesn’t change the size or shape of your mobile device. The transparent smartphone case is so close to invisible it almost entirely maintains the original elegant design of your smartphone. So, if you want to enjoy the authentic look of your mobile device but don’t want to risk using it without protection, our NoCase is precisely what you are looking for.

Reliable smartphone protection

Thanks to its unique material, the Artwizz NoCase has a highly non-slip surface, which prevents it from falling off even smooth surfaces and guarantees a pleasant and secure grip in your hands. The transparent smartphone case’s elasticity also makes it especially durable and hardwearing. In combination, all of these features allow the NoCase to reliably protect your smartphone from scratches and signs of wear and tear in everyday use, without compromising the stunning design of your favorite device.

Add your own style to the NoCase

Because it is completely transparent, the NoCase is also great for adding your own individual design touches. For example, you can place a photo of someone you love between the transparent smartphone case and your mobile device. Or why not add personal images or stickers (or whatever you want) under the case to give it a unique, personal touch.

Exquisite material that will take your breath away

The Artwizz NoCase is made of a TPU material that was specially developed in Germany and offers enhanced UV protection. Thanks to its innovative composition, your NoCase will retain its transparency for an extended period of time without yellowing. The innovative material is also what makes the NoCase so extremely flexible, allowing the transparent smartphone case to hug your mobile device like a second skin. What’s more, it’s not only easy to attach, it also stays firmly in place. And with our ingenious Dot Technology, you won’t have to worry about unsightly suction patches between your smartphone and the protective case.

From iPhone 15 even more durable and UV-resistant 

Starting with the iPhone 15 series, the NoCase becomes even more resistant to UV rays, thus against the rapid yellowing or discoloration. An additional material is injected into the already mentioned TPU material, which prevents it from yellowing and keeps your NoCase transparent for a long time. Thus, your iPhone 15 remains not only protected but also clearly visible for a long time.

The specialized press about the Artwizz NoCasse:

Mac Life is impressed because "the transparent protective case prevents scratches, absorbs bumps, is extremely easy to handle and yet brings little weight on the scales. Conclusion: A touch of nothing with a good protection factor! Safety for all who are not fond of cases". Likewise, Smartphone Magazine recognizes the NoCase as an effective way of protection "against scratches and usage (…), without distorting the design of the smartphone".

You use magnetic mounts and wireless charging?

Then discover our ClearClip+Charge for all iPhone 15 models. The case is largely transparent, with only a white magnetic ring built into the back that allows you to hold and charge your iPhone on dedicated devices. It combines two different materials to provide the best possible experience with your device - hard back, which hardly shows any discoloration, and soft edge, which optimally protects the iPhone.

Looking for something more colorful and eye-catching?

Then discover our IcedClips in bold color variants. Whether black, royal blue or Viva Magenta for your IPhone 15: With the intensive coloring in translucent optics you bring color into your mobile everyday life. In combination with the device color, completely new, exciting nuances are created.

Why Artwizz

Artwizz has been dedicated to protecting your mobile devices for more than 15 years. We have made it our mission to ensure that all of our products harmoniously combine functionality with exquisite design. We developed our NoCase to maintain the original look of your favorite device and provide optimum protection. You’ll hardly even notice this protective case, but you’ll certainly be happy it’s there when you really need it.

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