Protection Clear Case

Transparent protective case with strengthened corners

  • air-cushioned corners with shock-absorbent effect
  • durable protection of back and corners from scratches and shocks
  • slightly raised edges also protect your smartphone`s screen
  • made of elastic, ultra-robust TPU

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Item number 3476-3315

The ultimate protection for your mobile lifestyle

The Artwizz Protection Clear Case is a completely transparent smartphone case that offers the best protection for your favorite mobile device. This transparent protective case even has air-cushioned corners to absorb the sudden impact of bumps and falls. The Protection Clear Case also makes sure your screen and camera benefit from the ultimate protection: Thanks to the case’s raised front edges and cutouts on the back, the most vulnerable parts of your device are protected from accidental scratches when you place your smartphone down on a smooth surface.

Secure and flexible





_completely transparent

_easy to apply

Robust material and intelligent design

The transparent protective case is made of robust TPU, which is also famous for its outstanding shock absorption properties. TPU is a highly elastic and flexible material, which means the transparent case will not break or shatter in the event of a fall. The protective case is also lined with tiny dots that are hardly visible to the naked eye. These tiny dots ensure that the protective cover does not adhere to the back of your smartphone. The tiny gaps created by the dots make sure that the back of your smartphone remains spotless.

All eyes on your smartphone’s original look

Is your smartphone bright red or vibrant yellow? Or maybe it’s in your favorite shade of gray? Of course, you don’t want to hide your smartphone’s original color or logo. Thankfully, the transparent Artwizz Protection Clear Case maintains the original look of your smartphone, showcasing its design, color and logo for all to see. If you do want to add a personal touch to your smartphone, you can use the transparent case to store tickets, notes or pictures so that they are visible from the outside.

SecondDisplay for even more safety

You will achieve reliable all-round protection if you apply a screen glass protection additionally to our Protection Clear Case. This way, not only the elegant smartphone casing is protected against scratches and signs of wear but also its sensitive screen.

Why Artwizz

Since way back in 2004, we have been dedicating ourselves with great attention to detail to developing products for you and your mobile companion. We don’t want you to have to worry about your device getting scratched as you go about your daily life. We also know that you love the high-quality design of your mobile darlings. By striking the right balance between protection and design, our accessories are not just accessories – they are mobile accessories to fall in love with.

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