ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint

Full-surface screen protection foil

  • optimal protection against scratches
  • matte finish
  • anti-glare effect

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Item number 8973-1664

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint is our multi-functional protective foil for your smartphone or tablet. Protect your display from damage, and at the same time eliminate other external factors that can restrict an optimal view of your device’s display. The foil’s matte surface prevents fingerprints, glare and reflections, which makes the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint much more than a regular screen protector.

Grease-repellant surface gives fingerprints no chance

The ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint’s surface is the result of a special manufacturing process. As a result, the foil’s surface is more matte than our classic ScratchStopper. The matte surface stops fatty residues from adhering to the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint. Above all, the foil effectively prevents irritating fingerprints from being left behind on your display when you use your smartphone.

Matte surface protects display and prevents glare and reflection

Our product developers wanted more than just an anti-fingerprint protective foil. So they gave this screen protector an extra quality: The ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint cuts glare and reflections from your display. Even on sunny days, you’ll enjoy an optimum view of your display, and won’t have to put up with the kind of irritating reflections that can make using your smartphone so much more difficult.

Reliable protection thanks to carefully selected materials

Of course, our ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint doesn’t compromise when it comes to physically protecting your device’s display. To deliver optimal protection and minimum width, we use the best material on the market. A special hard coating, exclusively developed in Japan, makes our protective foil extremely durable and delivers optimum protection against wear and scratches to your smartphone or tablet display.

Specially designed for each display

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint is individually tailored to the exact dimensions of the flat surface of your mobile device. Thus, the foil protects the entire front of smartphones with flat display, such as the Galaxy S6 or iPhone SE. For curved displays, like the iPhone 7, only the flat section of the front is covered, while the curved edges are left free. Because the foil only covers the mobile device’s glass front, the metal surfaces above and below the display of HTC smartphones also remain free. This intelligent design ensures that your smartphone or tablet has the best possible protection.

Optimised operating comfort for your mobile device

Ultra-thin at just 0.14 mm, the screen protector is almost invisible and hardly affects the appearance of your mobile device. All you’ll notice is the new matte look of your smartphone or tablet’s display. Whereas we normally design our screen protection foils to retain the original operating feel of your device, we have chosen to take a different approach with our ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint. The roughened surface of this protective foil optimises your comfort when using your favourite device. Your fingers will glide smoothly over the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint without excessive sticking or sliding. Your smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen display retains its full functionality, and you will actually experience improved operating comfort.

Why Artwizz

For over ten years, we have made it our mission to protect the display of your mobile devices. With the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint, we have created a unique all-rounder among screen protectors. Its slightly roughened matte surface prevents fingerprints, eliminates reflections and glare, and optimises the operating feeling of your smartphone or tablet. Its high-quality texture also protects your favourite device from scratches and wear. With the ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint, you are perfectly equipped for your mobile life.