ScratchStopper Curved

Full-surface screen protection foil

  • especially developed for curved smartphone displays
  • protects the entire display from scratches and signs of wear
  • strong adhesion and easy attaching thanks to innovative application method
  • package contains two screen protection foils

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Item number 2927-2414

As the number of smartphone models with curved displays increases, so does the need to protect them. The Artwizz ScratchStopper Curved was developed especially for these mobile devices and sets new standards with its innovative adhesion technology. This screen protection film offers you full-surface front screen protection in its slimmest form.

Completely covered, completely protected

To completely cover a curved screen, a screen protector needs to be very flexible and have a strong grip. This is the only way to ensure that it fits the exacting form of the display. The Artwizz ScratchStopper Curved lays like a second skin on your mobile device and hugs the curved edges of the screen elastically. This allows our screen protection foil to reliably protect the entire front of your smartphone from scratches and wear and tear. Even if you carry your favorite device loose in your pocket with sharp-edged objects, you don't have to worry: The name, ScratchStopper Curved, says it all!

The most inconspicuous screen protection

The ultra-thin ScratchStopper Curved retains your smartphone’s slim design. Individual cut-outs not only allow the mobile device’s camera and speaker to function without restriction, they also ensure it is virtually invisible on your smartphone. At the same time, our screen protection foil provides a clear view of the screen and delivers an optimal user experience. The Artwizz ScratchStopper Curved, with its unique features, forms a stylistic symbiosis with your mobile device.

Quality – Made in Germany

Our high-quality screen protection foil is made in Germany from high-grade polyurethane, which makes it not only durable, but also particularly flexible. This ensures that the ScratchStopper Curved moulds optimally to the curved edges of your smartphone and guarantees reliable, full-surface screen protection. The top layer of the foil also gives it a glass-like feel, so that you practically won’t notice the ScratchStopper Curved when you use your mobile device.

The trade press is amazed:

Smartphone Magazine gave our ScratchStopper Curved the top rating of “very good”. According to the reviewers, it “reliably protects the entire smartphone screen from scratches and other signs of wear. Thanks to a special application process, the protective film does not require any adhesive and even adheres well to the rounded edges.”

Innovative adhesion for a strong grip

A special feature of the ScratchStopper Curved is its innovative adhesion technology. The screen protection foil does not require any glue to maintain its ultra-strong grip on your smartphone. All this is made possible by the enclosed liquid, which activates the adhesive properties of the ScratchStopper Curved when sprayed on. The screen protection foil firmly adheres to the curved edges of the screen, but can be removed easily and without residue if necessary. You can find out exactly how to apply the ScratchStopper Curved in our instructions.

Why Artwizz

For everyone at Artwizz, protecting your smartphone’s screen has been our top priority for over ten years. Made in Germany from only the highest quality materials, the ScratchStopper Curved combines our commitments to quality, function and design. Its ultra-thin, elastic materials together with optimum protection properties and innovative adhesion technology make this screen protection foil the perfect solution for your curved-edge smartphone.