100% glass screen protection

  • reliable protection against scratches as well as signs of wear and tear
  • original operating feeling thanks to hardened glass
  • simple to apply thanks to static adhesion

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Item number 1148-2773

The true display protection

The SecondDisplay Safety Glass from Artwizz is the real display protection. A special material combination with hardened glass makes it the ideal mobile companion which you will be able to rely upon in those critical situations. The easy to apply smartphone protection will help avoid scratches, signs of wear and tear as well as display breakage – without in any way impacting the ability to operate your mobile device!

Same feeling thanks for chosen material

The special aspect of this SecondDisplay is the unique combination of materials. On the one hand, this ensures that your display thanks to real glass feels the same without display protection. On the other hand, the combination between glass (3), foil (2) and silicone (1) makes the safety glass extremely robust. The special characteristics of this material combination enable a static adhesion on your smartphone display – without any use of glue.

  1. Silicone for a solid static adhesion
  2. Foil for a reliable shatter protection
  3. Glass for an original operating feeling and strong display protection

Our secure protection for your smartphone display

The special glass-foil-silicone combination makes this safety glass particularly robust. This doesn’t only ensure the display protection is resistant against scratches as well as common signs of wear and tear but also against bumps and knocks. At the same time the safety glass offers reliable protection against display breakage. In the unlikely case that the SecondDisplay should break due to substantial force effects it does not leave any residues on the smartphone display when removed.

Crystal-clear view of your display

Despite the robustness of the SecondDisplays it hardly has any effect on the appearance of your smartphone. The real glass of the display protection gives you a crystal-clear view of the display of your mobile device as if there was not protection there. As the safety glass adheres without any glue there is no danger of residue which might impact on the appearance.

Unrestricted operating convenience

The operating convenience is also no way affected by the use of these high-quality materials. The safety glass feels like your smartphone display and reacts the same to touches without glass protection. With the SecondDisplay from Artwizz you are getting a strong display protection that you will hardly know in daily life – except when you really need it!

Individually tailored for every smartphone display

The SecondDisplay is individually designed for each individual smartphone. This helps us provide you with a product that corresponds with the characteristics of your display and is perfectly customised to the size and form of your smartphone screen. Correspondingly the safety glass for each smartphone model might look a bit different. The SecondDisplay always remains a discreet companion that never negatively affects the view nor the operating ability.

Easy and simple application of display protection

It is quite easy to put on the SecondDisplay: Simply align to the edges and rims of the display and give it a slight tip at one place. The safety glass will attach itself on its own to the smartphone. This is possible thanks to the fine silicone covering of the SecondDisplays which creates a static adhesion and makes any use of glue unnecessary. This ensures that the safety glass is securely fitted and can provide reliable protection for your smartphone display!

SecondDisplay convinces the specialized press:

Our SecondDisplay achieved the "best scores for scratch resistance and very high scores for optical quality" in connect's Testlab. The glass was subjected to "74,000 strokes over a period of 20 hours." This demonstrates that in everyday use our safety glass will show no signs of fatigue. Overall, there is "hardly any potential for improvement in the SecondDisplay's workmanship and handling." The Android Magazine also praised the high fitting accuracy: "Every protective glass is millimeter fitted to the smartphone."MacLife's editorial team also rated the SecondDisplay with an excellent score of 1.2. "The layers of glass, foil and silicone prevent the display from being damaged even if violently impacted."

Quality from Artwizz

Artwizz develops mobile accessories that you will fall in love with! The SecondDisplay safety glass is the best example for this. The high-quality and strong display protection made of real glass, the innovative material combination with static adhesion on to the smartphone display as well as the unrestricted operating ability make the SecondDisplay one of our most popular products.