CarPlug USB-C 15W

USB-C car charger for smartphones, tablets and many other USB-C devices

  • fast charging with 3 amps or 15 watts
  • integrated over-voltage protection
  • LED light indicates power supply

Item number cp15_usbc_uni_1804
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Charge mobile devices easily in a car with the Artwizz CarPlug

Our car charging devices are called CarPlug and are customized for your vehicle and mobile devices. No longer will you have to be irritated by an empty battery when on the motorway or on-route to an important appointment. Our CarPlug USB-C 15W turns a cigarette lighter in the car into a practical USB electricity source. Smartphones, Tablets, navigation systems as well as many other technical devices can be easily charged with this car charging device.

With the Artwizz CarPlug USB-C you can charge even the latest generation of mobile devices from the comfort of your car. The charger supplies an output voltage of 3 amperes at 15 watts, which, if your smartphone or tablet supports it, allows for super fast charging. And the charger’s modern titan-black design elegantly coordinates with your car’s interior.