USB-C Dock

Charging stand for USB-C Smartphones

  • recycled aluminium
  • rubber feet for secure ground adhesion
  • USB-C male connector for putting on a USB-C smartphone
  • side USB-C female connection for power supply

Item number usbcd_usbc_sp_1894
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Made for your USB-C smartphone

Our Artwizz USB-C Dock is the perfect and stylish place to charge, synchronize, or simply store your new USB-C smartphone. This charging station’s minimalistic and clear design not only complements your mobile device, it also perfectly matches your sense of style.

The practical accessory for your stylish home

The USB-C docking station is your handy smartphone stand, wherever you need it, whether for charging your device on a shelf or synchronizing it with a computer at your desk. With the Artwizz Dock you always have a clear view of your mobile device’s display, so you can see the current charging status or data transfer, and you can easily identify incoming calls. The USB-C charging station also reduces clutter by eliminating unsightly cables. Slip-resistant rubber feet allow the smartphone’s charging station to hold firm even on smooth surfaces. Whether you use a protective cover or not, all existing USB-C smartphones fit our USB-C Dock.

Technically talented, easy to use

Our smartphone charging dock is much more than just a pretty design piece on your desk. You can charge your mobile device with USB-C interface or sync with another device in no time at all. Just plug a USB-C cable into the side of the docking station and connect it to a computer or charger. As soon as you place your smartphone on the Artwizz USB-C Dock, the charging process or connection setup starts automatically. Our elegant docking station supports Qualcomm® QuickCharge ™ technology. In combination with the Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C 15W Pro or other Quickcharge ™-compatible chargers, your Qualcomm® chip-equipped mobile device will charge quickly and easy. It couldn’t be simpler.

Unique design with a modern accent

Our USB-C Dock unites different styles to achieve a modern, minimalist design. The smartphone stand on the back and sides is straight and angular, while the front of the USB-C charging station has soft, rounded corners. The unique characteristics of the Artwizz dock are the result of the harmonious play of soft and hard forms. The design is completed by the high-gloss polished silver surface. Our smartphone charging station is so unique that we have patented the design. The Artwizz USB-C Dock sets modern accents – at work or at home.

Toprating for the USB-C Dock

A precious smartphone should be presented in nice shape, according to Android Magazin. It is fascinated by the Artwizz USB-C Dock and awards it with "very good". Our Aluminium Dock garantees USB-C smartphones "a safe stand and looks chic as well.

Why Artwizz

With the Artwizz USB-C Dock, we have created a technical accessory that doesn’t just rely on technology. We paid great attention to environmentally friendly production when we developed this smartphone charging station. The characteristic surface of the recycled aluminum and its unique form make the dock a stylish and modern design piece.