Transparent screen protection foil

  • optimal protection against scratches and signs of wear
  • strong adhesion and easy attaching
  • perfect for underwater use

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Item number 8400-2640

With smartwatches, fitness trackers and more, wearables are rapidly gaining in popularity. And they offer a host of new possibilities to make your smartphone even more functional than ever before. Unlike your smartphone, you don’t keep your smartwatch in your pocket or handbag – it spends most of its time on your wrist, exposed to many dangers as you go about your everyday mobile life. You might bump it against the edge of a table or a door frame, or you might accidentally rub it against a wall. That’s why protecting your smartwatch’s screen is so important.

Protective foil for your smartwatch

Our ScratchStopper Watch provides your smartwatch’s screen with highly reliable protection against scratches and signs of wear. The foil is elastic polyurethane, which means it is flexible, just like a second skin on your smartwatch’s screen. At the same time, a hard coating (specially developed in Japan) ensures that the ScratchStopper Watch is extremely robust. With a hardness rating of 6H, the foil protects your smartwatch from abrasions and impacts. Thanks to our screen protection foil, small knocks will no longer pose a threat to your smartwatch, allowing you to go about your mobile everyday life safely and securely.

No compromise in functionality or design

The Artwizz ScratchStopper Watch is so thin that you will hardly notice it is even there on your fitness tracker or smartwatch. The screen protection foil doesn’t alter the appearance of your wearable device, and certainly not the crystal clarity of the screen. What’s on your smartwatch’s screen will look as vivid and bright as it always has. And when it comes to touchscreen sensitivity, you don’t have to settle for second best with the ScratchStopper Watch. This state-of-the-art screen protector from Artwizz not only preserves your device’s original operating comfort, it also retains its responsiveness and doesn’t add bulk. What’s more, the silicone layer on the screen protector foil’s underside makes it easy to apply to your smartwatch without any need for adhesives, while at the same time holding it firmly in place. Once you’ve applied the foil in the right position, you can easily push any air bubbles out at the sides. And thanks to its static adhesion, you won’t be left with any annoying residues if you do ever decide to remove it.

Why Artwizz

We have been developing protective foils for your mobile companions for more than 15 years. Our wealth of experience is reflected in the quality of our extensive range of screen protection products. Whatever your device, you’ll be glad to know that we only use specially selected materials that have proven their durability and reliability. With the ScratchStopper Watch, we now offer you a smartwatch screen protector that you can count on every second of every day.