WatchBand Adapter

Wristband Adapter

  • set contains two Apple Watch adapters
  • transform easy-click watch-strap into an Apple Watch band
  • made of specially processed stainless steel

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Item number 4484-2932

You go everywhere with your Apple Watch on your wrist. Whether you’re at work, on the road, or in the gym, the Artwizz Adapter means you’ll never have to worry about your Apple Watch slipping off your wrist ever again. The two adapters keep your Apple Watch and wristband securely connected. And that’s not all: their perfect fit, high-quality craftsmanship and a design that’s perfectly matched to your Apple Watch make our Artwizz adapters the best Apple Watch adapters available today.

Apple Watch adapter in elegant design

Made of specially processed stainless steel, our Apple Watch adapters harmonize perfectly with the elegant design of your Apple Watch. Our Apple Watch adapters are also color coordinated to your watch’s original color scheme: You can choose between Space Gray or Silver. The careful attention to detail evident in our Apple Watch adapters guarantees a precision fit, which ensures a smooth transition from the adapter to the Apple Watch.

Quick and easy to attach

Attaching our adapters to your Apple Watch is as easy as you would expect from Artwizz. Simply insert the adapters into the top and bottom of the Apple Watch and you’re done.

Attaching to easy-click wristbands and easy to attach

Of course, our Apple Watch adapters fit all Artwizz WatchBands of the appropriate width. Our WatchBand and Apple Watch adapters can be connected in a matter of seconds thanks to the easy-click spring bar. Just slide the metal pin on the watchband to one side, place the adapter on the strap and release the metal pin again.

Attaching to pin-wristbands

Maybe you have a conventional watch-strap that is 20 mm or 22 mm wide and has an easy-click spring bar? Then you can quickly turn it into an Apple Watch band in the same way. If your strap is the right width but doesn’t have an easy-click spring bar, you can still attach it to the Apple Watch Adapter, but you might need some tools to do so.

Luxury for your wrist: the Artwizz WatchBand Leather

The Artwizz WatchBand Leather creates a particularly stunning impression in combination with our Apple Watch adapters. Our high-quality Italian leather strap not only matches, it enhances the elegant design of your Apple Watch.

Your sporty lifestyle is no sweat for the Artwizz WatchBand Silicone

Perfect for your next workout, for meeting friends or for a day out with the kids – the Artwizz WatchBand Silicone is sweat-resistant and won’t let even a surprise downpour rain on your parade. Easy to clean, skin-friendly and ultra-light, our WatchBand Silicone is the perfect everyday accessory for your mobile life.

Why Artwizz

From its inception, Artwizz has been committed to first-class quality. That’s why we have coordinated the design of our Apple Watch adapters precisely to the look of your Apple Watch. We have developed the optimal adapters to connect your Apple Watch to the watch-strap of your choice, with optimum hold in everyday life and the same stylish appearance as your Apple Watch.