WatchBand Leather

Leather wristband

  • Nappa leather and calfskin wristband, made in Italy
  • two adapters for quick connection to your smartwatch
  • adapter and clasp made of specially processed stainless steel

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Item number 4231-2919

Your Apple Watch is your daily companion. Whether at work, at home or in your spare time: With our Artwizz WatchBand Leather, your watch is even more of an elegant eye-catcher for every occasion. Italian leather gives the wristband a classic look that matches your personal style. The included adapters and clasp are made of specially processed stainless steel to match your Apple Watch of any series. All of this makes our WatchBand Leather a high-quality watch strap that complements the exclusive appearance of your Apple Watch and is perfect for everyday use.

Quality leather from Italy

The leather for our WatchBand Leather is manufactured and tanned in Italy from carefully selected materials. The outside is made of Nappa leather with a smooth surface and is particularly supple. On the inside, soft, fine and smooth calf leather ensures the high level of comfort that can only be achieved with leather. Nappa and calf leather in combination make our Apple Watch wristband durable while being supple and gentle on the skin.

The exclusive quality of the leather is also reflected in the fact that the Apple Watch leather wristband adapts more and more to your wrist every time you wear it. At first, the leather might be a little stiff and inflexible when you put the strap on, but that’s typical of real leather. After about a day, you will notice how the leather becomes more and more flexible. Gradually, a custom fit develops, which ultimately transforms each WatchBand Leather into an individual, tailor-made piece.

First-class fit for your smartwatch and wrist

Whether you have an Apple Watch Series 4 until Apple Watch Series 7 (40/41 mm or 44/45 mm) or an earlier generation of Apple Watch (38 mm or 42 mm), our WatchBand Leather fits them all. The strap width of the Artwizz WatchBand Leather is 20 millimeters (for the Apple Watch 38 mm & 40 mm) and 22 millimeters (for the Apple Watch 42 mm & 44 mm). You don’t have to worry about the fit on your wrist either: Our WatchBand Leather is ideal for wrists with a circumference of 140 mm to 205 mm (38 mm, 40 mm & 41 mm) or 147 mm to 207 mm (42 mm, 44 mm & 45 mm) and is therefore also suitable for thicker wrists.

And our WatchBand Leather doesn’t just fit Apple Watches. The leather wristband is also compatible with other smartwatches: The WatchBand Leather 38 mm/40 mm fits the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The WatchBand Leather 42 mm/44 mm can also be used with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm and the Huawei Watch GT. If you want to connect your WatchBand Leather to another watch, make sure that the width of the WatchBand is the same as the width of your smart watch.

Stylish colors and sophisticated design

The WatchBand Leather lets you style your Apple Watch the way you want. You can choose from different colors for the WatchBand Leather for the Apple Watch 38 mm/40 mm/41 mm and the WatchBand for the Apple Watch 42 mm/44 mm/45 mm. Do you have a business meeting or dinner? Then a WatchBand Leather in classic black, brown or intense dark blue might be the right choice for you. Or are you planning to meet up with friends for a drink in the evening? A WatchBand Leather in discreet rose gold or light blue, cool Nordic Blue or intense rose brown accentuates your outfit perfectly.

The two adapters and the specially processed stainless steel clasp are designed to match the look of your Apple Watch. Depending on the strap color you choose, the adapter and clasp are available in Space Gray, Silver, or Gold and blend in perfectly with your overall look.

Playfully easy to attach

Our WatchBand Leather attaches using the usual slide mechanism: Simply insert the adapters on both sides of the Apple Watch, and you’re done. And because we’ve precision engineered the adapter for the perfect fit, it connects seamlessly with the housing of your smartwatch. The Apple Watch leather strap and watch are securely connected to each other and guarantee a secure hold during your busy everyday life. You can use the Easy-Click spring bar to separate the adapter from the leather strap. For example, to attach the strap to a smart watch from another manufacturer without an adapter. Or to attach a WatchBand Leather in a different color to the adapter. You can quickly detach the adapter and wristband without the need for any tools by simply sliding the metal pin to the side.

Caring for your leather wristband

The strap of our WatchBand Leather is a natural product. Since you wear it daily on your wrist, it is bound to be exposed to dirt, moisture or sweat. Although the resulting used look lends the leather its special charm, you can still enjoy your Apple Watch leather strap for much longer if you follow these simple tips. First, you should take your WatchBand Leather off before showering, playing sports or swimming, as leather does not respond well to moisture. If your wristband gets a little wet, dab it dry with a soft cloth, do not rub it. Then let it dry at room temperature, but not in the blazing sun or on the heater. Blow-drying is also not a good idea because the leather is not only sensitive to light but also to heat.

If you remove the WatchBand Leather, it is best to store it unboxed in the room, for example on a chest of drawers. This allows the leather to “breathe” from time to time. You should also avoid direct contact with cosmetics with your WatchBand Leather, because creams or perfumes can lead to unattractive stains. From time to time, you can also treat the wristband with gentle leather detergents. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And above all: less is more, because over-care can damage the leather. So only clean the leather strap when it is really necessary.

Our Artwizz Adapter: Two in one

Our Artwizz adapters are also available separately as a set. So you can combine your WatchBand Leather with adapters in other colors. Or, you can pick up a conventional watch strap and turn it into an Apple Watch wristband with our adapters. This works with 20 mm or 22 mm wide wristbands that, like our WatchBand Leather, have an Easy-Click spring bar.

High praise for our WatchBand Leather:

The trade magazine Mac Life enthusiastically recommends and praises our WatchBand Leather. The “perfectly fitting adapter” is just as compelling as the overall “quality” that gives our WatchBand Leather “top-rate classic aesthetics.” It is no surprise that Mac Life’s tests awarded an outstanding overall score of 1.2, not far off a perfect score of 1.0.

The sporty, but smart alternative

Do you take a more casual approach to life? Are you looking for the perfect fitness wristband for your Apple Watch? As light as can be, our flexible WatchBand Silicone is made of water- and sweat-resistant sports silicone and wraps comfortably around your wrist. It’s your trusty companion whether you are swimming, lifting weights or working in the office.

Why Artwizz

The outstanding quality of our products is always our highest priority. With the WatchBand Leather, we have chosen high-quality leather, tailor-made adapters and a design that perfectly harmonizes with your Apple Watch. The result is an eye-catching Apple Watch leather wristband that reflects your personal style.

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