ScratchStopper Curved

Full-surface screen protection foil

  • especially developed for curved smartwatch displays
  • protects the entire display from scratches and signs of wear
  • perfect for underwater use
  • package contains four screen protection foils

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Item number 4729-2956

From simple in-store payments to complex ECGs, smartwatches can handle more and more tasks and are steadily growing in popularity. As the range of functions performed by these mobile all-rounders increases, however, so does the danger of wear and tear. Smartwatch screens are particularly vulnerable and can easily lose some of their original wow factor as a result of unsightly scratches, especially as your smartwatch is always visible on your wrist. Which is why it is such a good idea to use a suitable screen protector.

As smart as David, as strong as Goliath

Flexible yet strong, our ScratchStopper Curved Watch protects your Apple Watch from unpleasant scratches. Our full-surface protective film also protects the screen’s rounded corners and curved edges and is almost invisible. Being ultra-thin, the ScratchStopper Curved Watch does not compromise your watch’s timeless Apple design or functionality. And the responsiveness of the touchscreen is in no way impaired. Even when used in water, you don’t have to make any compromises with our screen protection film for your Apple Watch.

Don’t give scratches a chance

In everyday life, there are a host of potential dangers lying in wait for your precision-engineered Apple Watch. Every time you move your arm or wrist, your Apple Watch makes the same movements. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fluffy world of softness that poses no threat to your watch’s screen. Thanks to the ScratchStopper Curved Watch, you don’t have to worry as you live life to the full. Our ScratchStopper Curved Watch provides almost invisible protection, guaranteeing that your watch’s screen will be safe in any everyday situation. We’ve also made sure that it couldn’t be easier to apply the protective film thanks to our step-by-step instructions. We’ve even included a special adhesion spray, which means your screen protector enjoys a strong hold but can still be removed if necessary without leaving any annoying adhesive residues.

Why Artwizz

As an established yet innovative company, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving the value of your mobile devices. Our main mission is to produce sophisticated products that do not compromise the original aesthetics of your smartphones, tablets, notebooks and smartwatches. Our 14 years of experience means we can look back on an extensive portfolio of products, each of which has been designed to satisfy a large number of individual requirements. Quality and originality are very important to us.