Environmental Awareness

We do everything we can to make our products and their transport more environmentally friendly, whether in the selection of materials, packaging or shipping. We are committed to making our contribution to climate change mitigation.


In selecting the materials we use, we pay special attention to quality and durability. The lifespan of our products is therefore longer than that of an average product. By choosing Artwizz accessories, you save yourself additional costs and unnecessary products and help do your bit for the environment.

We also use environmentally friendly, fully recycled materials, including in our Eco BackPack. The entire backpack uses fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Each backpack used to be 28 bottles, to be precise.


When it comes to packaging, you can do a lot to protect the environment. We minimize the use of adhesives in the development of packaging and generally avoid unnecessary waste of resources.


For our latest products, we are gradually switching to plastic-free packaging and mainly using folding cardboard boxes with the FSC MIX label. This allows us to actively contributing to the promotion of responsible forest management and promote higher environmental and social standards in forests around the world. This supports the circular economy, increases the use of recycled materials, and reduces the burden on forests and ecosystems.


Where plastic can’t yet be eliminated, we try to minimize our environmental footprint in other ways, e.g. by using soybean oil in the inkjet printing of our packaging. You can see this from the “CONTAINS SOYOIL” label on some of our packaging.

30% recycled plastic

Starting with the iPhone 15 generation, the plastic part of our packaging consists of 30% recycled polyester. Our big wish is to steadily increase the share of recycled plastic and in the long run to only use fully recycled plastic or to eliminate it altogether.

Disposal and Recycling

Recycling our packaging saved 73,519 kg of resources in 2020, equivalent to the weight of 173 apple trees, and an additional 8,625 kg of greenhouse gases.

The exact amount of resources saved each year is confirmed by the “Certificate resources SAVED” from Interseroh, our partner in circular economy.


We now only ship climate-neutral throughout Germany with GOGREEN from DHL, offsetting the CO2 emissions of our parcels.