At work or in your free time: Your notebook is by your side in almost every situation. Protect your notebook during transport with a suitable notebook bag, so that your faithful mobile companion always arrives safely at its destination.

On the desk, on the table in the café or on the nightstand: Your notebook often changes its location because it accompanies you throughout the day. For your digital nomad lifestyle, you need the right bag to protect your device from scratches and wear marks – both on the screen and the housing. Our Artwizz notebook cases are designed to bring your mobile companion safely to its destination. Our cases are customized to the exact dimensions of each notebook model. And because you also need power for your notebook throughout the day, we’ve designed a bag for your cables too, so there’s no cable clutter in your bag or suitcase. And if you want a notebook backpack, Artwizz has you covered. Our backpack lets you store your notebook in a separate compartment and also has plenty of space for other large and small items. Our notebook bags are of course available in different colors and designs. Whether discreet or full of color, you are sure to find the notebook accessories that suit you and your personal style.