Smartwatch Accessories

As your daily companion, your smartwatch deserves special attention. Our smartwatch accessories not only protect your smartwatch, they also allow you to customize it.

On your wrist, your smartwatch is exposed to major and minor dangers every day. A split-second bump against a door frame or the edge of a table could be all it takes to scratch your smartwatch’s screen. With an Artwizz smartwatch screen protector, you can protect your smartwatch from unsightly micro-scratches in everyday life. You can also choose an Artwizz Smartwatch wristband and create your own visual highlight. We have a wide range of designs, so you are sure to find the the right silicone wristband for sports and leisure, as well as a genuine leather wristband for business meetings, all in your favorite color. You don’t have to limit yourself to one smartwatch wristband either as it couldn’t be easier to switch out one Artwizz wristband for another. And since your smartwatch needs to be ready for use at all times, you’re bound to love our technical smartwatch accessories. Thanks to our chargers, your smartwatch will always have enough power: You can charge your smartwatch at home, or even in the car while you’re on the go. Our smartwatch accessories add a new level of comfort and convenience to your mobile life with your smartwatch. For example, we offer incredible solutions for storing your smartwatch when you are not wearing it.