A love story

It all began in 2004 with our fascination for the iPod. For us, it was love at first sight! The iPod’s modern design, intuitive operation and shimmering metallic blue made the iPod mini so unique and hooked us from the first moment we saw it. 

We just had to take it with us everywhere – every place, every event and every time of the day.

But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to protect this precious piece of tech.

But how? We weren’t going to settle for a simple sock.

We needed something worthy of the iPod:

a high-quality product with a cool look.

And that’s how Artwizz was born

A lot has happened since then. We’re still a family business, and today we don’t just love the iPod. We love them all: every single mobile device! And our mission has never changed: we strive to create accessories that best fit you, your everyday life and your device.