The right accessories make your smartwatch an even more practical daily companion, both enhancing your device’s functionality and giving your smartwatch a more personal touch.

Your smartwatch can be as diverse and exciting as your everyday mobile life: Whether you’re at work, meeting friends or playing sports – you want to make sure your wristband fits the occasion. With Artwizz adapters available in a range of different colors, you can individually combine your wristbands with your watch in just a few steps. And with our commitment to quality, all of our adapters are made of stainless steel, fit perfectly to your smartwatch model, and close securely at the edges. Or how about our SmartGlove? You’ll love both the look and feel of these fine lamb leather gloves as they warm your hands in the cold season. And, thanks to their integrated touchscreen functionality, you don’t even have to remove them to operate your smartwatch. Whatever the Artwizz smartwatch accessory you choose, you can be sure they combine two key features: Functionality and great design.