Screen Protection

The screen is the heart of your smartphone. And, with the right screen protection glass or screen protection film, you can make sure that your device’s screen is always protected from scratches and signs of wear and tear.

As your daily companion, your smartphone’s screen in particular is constantly exposed to potential hazards: A moment of carelessness, a fall, a bump against the edge of a table, or even just a few crumbs on a surface are all it takes and, before you know it, your smartphone has unsightly scratches or, in the worst case, a cracked screen. Thankfully, Artwizz screen protectors protect your screen from all manner of dangers in everyday life. We’ve made sure that our screen protection products meet your individual requirements: Our glass screen protectors are made of 100% real glass and protect both flat screens and screens with curved edges. Perhaps best of all, Artwizz screen protectors are so ultra-thin that you’ll hardly even notice that you are using one. Not only do you benefit from the best possible screen protection, you also get to enjoy your device’s full touchscreen sensitivity and functionality. No matter which of our smartphone screen protectors you choose, the next time you put your smartphone in your pocket along with a keyring or some coins, you won’t have to worry about scratches or cracks with an Artwizz screen protector.