Your smartphone is your daily companion. If you want to get the most out of your device, you’ll need the right smartphone accessories.

Without the right cables or adapters, you won’t be able to use your smartphone the way you want to. A full battery is an absolute must: With the Artwizz PowerPlug, you can charge your device via any electrical outlet. We’ve also got the perfect solution for on the road: the Artwizz CarPlug quickly and conveniently charges your smartphone during a car journey. For added convenience, our cables are available with a range of different connectors and in different lengths. So you are guaranteed to find the right cable for your smartphone model and can decide for yourself whether you want an extra long or extra short cable to help avoid cable clutter. If you want to connect your smartphone to other devices, simply check out our other technical accessories. You can use our cables as adapters between two devices. As with all of our products, our smartphone technical accessories are all designed to the highest quality standards: Our cables for Apple devices are all fitted with Apple certified plugs. So, whether you are looking to charge your device or sync with another device, you are sure to find the right Artwizz smartphone accessories here.