If you want to take your tablet everywhere with you (and we know you do), you’ll need a safe way to carry it with you. Give your tablet the best possible protection while you’re on the move by stowing it in an Artwizz tablet sleeve or pouch.

For trips big and small, your tablet has to be stowed away, be it in your bag, backpack or suitcase. But that’s exactly where the dangers lurk: The tip of a pen or the edge of a zipper is enough to damage your tablet. If you want to protect your tablet during transport, use a tablet bag, so that your device is particularly softly cushioned and protected all around thanks to the soft inner lining. Even the corners of Artwizz tablet cases are padded so that no impact can harm your tablet. Given our commitment to high quality, we only choose the best materials for our tablet accessories and design our tablet cases for your individual needs: For example, our iPad sleeves feature a compartment for your Apple Pencil and are made of durable neoprene. This means that not even a few splashes of water can harm your tablet. We have also made sure that our sleeves are a perfect fit for your tablet. This is the only way to ensure optimal protection for your favorite tablet.