Screen Protection

On your wrist, your smartwatch is exposed to dangers every day. With the right smartwatch screen protector, you never have to worry about scratches again.

Everywhere you go, your smartwatch goes with you: at work, at home, or even out and about in the cafe or gym. In just one careless moment, you could end up scraping your wrist on a sharp edge or corner and, before you even realise what’s happened, there’s an unsightly scratch on your smartwatch’s screen. These are precisely the situations Artwizz Smartwatch screen protectors are designed for: Our smartwatch screen protectors cover your device’s entire screen and protect it from everyday damage. Our smartwatch screen protectors are precision engineered for each smartwatch model, ensuring that the protective films perfectly match the dimensions of your watch’s screen. And you don’t need to worry about compromising your device’s original operating feeling, because that will stay the same even with one of our smartwatch screen protectors. Artwizz Smartwatch screen protectors are so thin that you will hardly even notice that you are using one. Our screen protectors also give you complete peace of mind in the shower or while doing sports as water and sweat are no problem at all for Artwizz Smartwatch screen protectors.