Tablet Accessories

Whether at work or in your free time, your tablet is always with you wherever you go. Thankfully, Artwizz tablet accessories offer you the right protection throughout your everyday mobile life, while our bags and protective cases make your mobile darling even more of an eye-catcher than ever before.

Your tablet’s large screen is its trademark. At the same time, the size of the screen is exactly what makes it so vulnerable to scratches and abrasions. With a tablet screen protector, you can relax and focus on living your mobile life to the full. Simply apply an Artwizz glass tablet screen protector or screen protection film and you can protect your device’s original screen from damage. Add a protective case and you’ve got all-round protection: Our tablet cases protect the back of your tablet from scratches, for example, when you put it down on a table. What’s more, our protective cases, sleeves and bags allow you to add a personal touch to your tablet’s appearance. Our attractive range of designs and colors let your tablet stand out from the crowd. Artwizz tablet bags and sleeves also ensure that your mobile companion always arrives safely and well protected at its destination. In our padded bags, your tablet is protected from light impacts at all times. And when you need to charge your tablet or transfer data, Artwizz has a great selection of technical accessories, including cables in different lengths, chargers and adapters. To make your everyday life even more comfortable and convenient, explore the full range of Artwizz tablet accessories. For example, our SmartGlove® makes it easier for you to get the most out of your tablet, even on a cold winter day.