Screen Protection

Your tablet accompanies you day in, day out. Protect your device’s stunning screen with a suitable tablet screen protector and your screen will look like new even after weeks, months and years.

The sensitive screen of your tablet is vulnerable to scratches and signs of use simply because of its size. If you’re not careful, a bunch of keys in your bag can scratch the screen or your tablet can fall off a table. Our Artwizz tablet screen protectors safeguard your device in these situations. And our glass or foil tablet screen protectors are custom designed exactly for every model – including yours. In terms of design, we make sure that the tablet screen protector harmonises with the dimensions of your device and that only high-quality materials are used. For example, the tablet screen protector glass is made of 100 percent real glass and includes shatter protection so that in the event of a fall, the screen protector glass does not break into small, dangerous shards. Thanks to these details in design and workmanship, we can offer you a selection of tablet accessories for your screen that ideally suits your needs.