No matter what ports your notebook has, you’ll find the right cable, right charger or right adapter for your device among our extensive range of notebook technical accessories.

Whether it’s an external hard drive, a camera or a smartphone, sometimes you need a cable to connect your notebook to another device. Depending on which port the other device has, you also need to make sure you have the right cable. We have a wide selection of Artwizz notebook cables to help you pair your notebook with other devices. The cables are available in different lengths, so you can either bridge long distances between your notebook and the other device or avoid unsightly cable clutter with a particularly short cable. We also have the right notebook accessories to supply your notebook with enough power everywhere: You can use our chargers at any power outlet. There’s even an Artwizz notebook charger that will let you charge several devices in parallel. Safety and quality are our top priorities, that’s why our chargers are TÜV tested and our cables for Apple devices only use Apple certified connectors.