Notebook Accessories

Your notebook is where your most important data, photos and appointments all come together. So you need the right notebook accessories to protect your important device every day as it accompanies you between work and leisure.

In the café, the office or at home: Your notebook is with you everywhere and always ready for action. But even the smallest crumbs or grains on a table or desk could create small scratches on your notebook’s housing. With an Artwizz notebook protective case, you can easily prevent such damage and ensure that your notebook’s sensitive case looks as good as ever for as long as possible. Artwizz also has a selection of notebook bags and sleeves to ensure that your device is not exposed to jarring movements or impacts and always arrives gently padded at its destination, even in a backpack, suitcase or bag. Of course, your notebook can only perform to its best with the right notebook accessories: Artwizz cables are available in different lengths and our chargers ensure you are always well equipped to charge your notebook or transfer data quickly and easily. Our notebook accessories also enhance your everyday life with your mobile darling, adding an extra level of comfort and functionality. For example, your notebook is always safely stored in our specially designed notebook backpack.