Social Responsibility

Our Employees

Our most valued assets are our employees. They are the creative force that drives Artwizz. This is the reason why we place particular emphasis on cultivating a forthright, non-discriminatory working environment that allows everyone of our staff members to bring their ideas to the table. We are fostering a creative work environment and respectful interactions with each other, which provide the foundation for our productive and responsible approach.

Our Production Chains 

However, we also consider these values important beyond our own offices in Berlin. Consequently, we have had our production facilities in the Far East audited and certified for social and environmental aspects by the European non-profit organization BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative; Social Responsibility Report by the BSCI). 

As a result, we are able to ensure that the social minimum standards that are in effect in Germany and that we consider a given are also implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process of our Artwizz products. 

Day-to-day Management of the Corona Virus

The Corona pandemic has had an adverse impact on all of our lives. We suddenly found ourselves confronted with rules and restrictions that had a grave controlling effect on both, our personal as well as professional situations. Obviously, we also were instantly exposed to extreme health risks.

For a long time, this situation was further compounded by the shortage of the hygiene and protective supplies we all needed. In some cases, this resulted in price gauging on the market. We wanted to take positive action to mitigate these developments. 

From our perspective, we felt that we owed society the commitment to put our business contacts and expertise to work to manufacture respiratory masks and disinfections at our own facilities to counteract these product shortages.  

This is why we came up with a solution called ArtwizzCare.

At this time, we are still supplying our hygiene and protective products, along with Corona tests to facilities such as nursing homes and doctors’ offices as well as pharmacies and private households. In order to meet our social responsibilities, our most important quest was to keep our pricing at a fair level.