Why Artwizz

Accessories you will love

Smartphones, notebooks, smartwatches and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. We need them. We love them. And we want to protect and enhance them. Now you can – with the perfect partner for the best mobile experience.

At Artwizz, we offer accessories for every style, every moment. Secure protection with unique designs. Accessories you will fall in love with. Just like your mobile device, we offer the ultimate attention to detail, designed in Berlin.

A love story

It all began in 2004 with our fascination for the iPod. For us, it was love at first sight! The iPod’s modern design, intuitive operation and shimmering metallic blue made the iPod mini so unique and hooked us from the first moment we saw it. 

We just had to take it with us everywhere – every place, every event and every time of the day.

But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to protect this precious piece of tech.

But how? We weren’t going to settle for a simple sock.

We needed something worthy of the iPod:

a high-quality product with a cool look.

And that’s how Artwizz was born.

A lot has happened since then. We’re still a family business, and today we don’t just love the iPod. We love them all: every single mobile device! And our mission has never changed: we strive to create accessories that best fit you, your everyday life and your device.

Designed in Berlin

Berlin is more than a city to us. It’s our home. It’s the city that inspires us. This is where the most diverse people, cultures and trends come together. Here, every neighborhood feels different. In an international metropolis that pulsates, grows and at the same time values the environment. A city where new things are popping up all the time. Where everyone stays mobile and on the move, and where smart technologies meet creative innovation. In the heart of Berlin’s urban lifestyle. This is where every idea, every design and every single Artwizz product that you end up holding in your hand is born and brought to life.

Our products

One of our very first products was a screen protector. We now have almost two decades of experience in the production of screen protectors and guarantee you the highest quality at unbeatable prices. Today, in addition to our large selection of screen protectors, you will also find a wide range of cases, bags, wristbands and technical accessories. For mobile devices from Apple, Samsung and many other well-known manufacturers.

But what is it that make Artwizz products so special?


We are design-loving perfectionists. For us, a product is never finished. There’s always some little detail that can still be enhanced. Our desire for perfection is reflected in our accessories: they literally merge with your mobile companion, are designed with incredible attention to detail and become stylish accessories in your everyday life. Secure, individual and suitable for every moment.

Quality and security 

Quality means trust. We are only satisfied when we know you can trust us and our products, because that is our quality promise! Every material is guaranteed free of harmful substances and all of our products are carefully and constantly tested. Whether it’s natural leather with a unique surface, safety glass with an anti-splinter layer, or our technical devices, all are subject to strict quality controls where they are manufactured and again on site in Germany. Our production facilities are always TÜV tested and meet the highest manufacturing standards. We create high-quality products that offer a new dimension of protection and security.

Great value for money 

With each new product we aspire to capture the zeitgeist. We offer you the full range of high-quality Artwizz products at the best, most attractive possible prices. With Artwizz you can always be sure that you not only choose the best for your mobile device, but also get it at an exceptionally good price.

Prize-winning products 

Many of our products for smartphone, smartwatches, tablets and MacBook have won numerous awards from the trade press (MacLife, Smartphone Magazine) and been tested by renowned test institutions, such as Connect Testlab.

Environmental and social responsibility

We do everything we can to make our products and their transport more environmentally friendly, whether in the selection of materials, packaging or shipping. We are committed to making our contribution to climate change mitigation.


In selecting the materials we use, we pay special attention to quality and durability. The lifespan of our products is therefore longer than that of an average product. By choosing Artwizz accessories, you save yourself additional costs and unnecessary products and help do your bit for the environment.

We also use environmentally friendly, fully recycled materials, including in our Eco BackPack. The entire backpack uses fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Each backpack used to be 28 bottles, to be precise.


When it comes to packaging, you can do a lot to protect the environment:


For our latest products, we are gradually switching to plastic-free packaging and mainly using folding cardboard boxes with the FSC MIX label. This allows us to actively contributing to the promotion of responsible forest management and promote higher environmental and social standards in forests around the world. This supports the circular economy, increases the use of recycled materials, and reduces the burden on forests and ecosystems.

We also minimize the use of adhesives in the development of packaging and generally avoid unnecessary waste of resources.


Where plastic can’t yet be eliminated, we try to minimize our environmental footprint in other ways, e.g. by using soybean oil in the inkjet printing of our packaging. You can see this from the “CONTAINS SOYOIL” label on some of our packaging.

Disposal and Recycling

Recycling our packaging saved 73,519 kg of resources in 2020, equivalent to the weight of 173 apple trees, and an additional 8,625 kg of greenhouse gases.

The exact amount of resources saved each year is confirmed by the “Certificate resources SAVED” from Interseroh, our partner in circular economy.


We now only ship climate-neutral throughout Germany with GOGREEN from DHL, offsetting the CO2 emissions of our parcels.

Social responsibility 

Our manufacturing facilities in Asia are audited and certified by the European non-profit organization BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) for social and environmental features (Social Responsibility Report by BSCI). This ensures that our German minimum social standards are adhered to throughout the entire manufacturing chain of every Artwizz product.

Customer service

We always strive to offer you the best products combined with the best service. As modern Berliners, we speak German and English, plus one or the other European language. We are happy to answer your questions personally at any time by email. Simply write us at look@artwizz.com or use our contact form.

Our team

We Artwizzlers are as versatile as our beloved home city of Berlin. Each of us is different. Everyone brings their own talents – and we feel comfortable together, living our dreams, because we love our work! Every day is full of challenges and exciting projects. It feels like a family. The perfect place for inspiration, new ideas and mobile innovations that will make your everyday life easier.

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