Eco BackPack

Your sustainable 2-in-1 notebook backpack

  • useable as backpack or bag with 22 l volume
  • fabrics and straps made of 100% recycled PET bottles
  • notebook compartment with side access for mobile devices up to 15"
  • various interior and exterior compartments and separate side pocket for keys
  • notebook compartment dimensions: 29 x 40 cm

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Item number 6970-2583

We have our eye on the bottle…

… and on the environment! Which is why we recycle the valuable plastic from used PET bottles to make our new Eco BackPack multifunctional bag.

Room for your life. Functionality for your ideas.

Our 2-in-1 Notebook Backpack is the ideal companion for your urban lifestyle. In the spacious 22-liter inner compartment, you can easily store everything you need, and much more. The separate notebook compartment (dimensions: 29 x 40 cm) offers space for mobile devices of up to 15’’. The slim MacBook Pro 16" also fits easily into the compartment. Your valuables are safely stowed away in the smaller outer compartment, easily accessible at all times.

Versatile usage

It couldn’t be easier to convert the Artwizz Eco BackPack from a backpack to a bag. So it is up to you whether you prefer to wear your backpack on your back, keeping both hands free, or as a practical handheld carrying bag. We offer you the utmost comfort so you can make the most of your mobile everyday life.

Slim space saver in urban style

The Artwizz Eco BackPack is your slim laptop backpack in urban style. With a completely black, sleek design, and a unique surface structure created by the recycled fabric, it is the ideal city bag. When empty, it is especially thin and light. For more space, you can easily use the side push buttons to enlarge this multifunctional bag.

Our Eco BackPack provides the necessary storage space right when you need it, and is especially space-saving when empty. The narrower compartments on the front, together with the smaller compartment on the side, give you additional flexible space to use according to your style.

As flexible as your everyday life

The Eco BackPack is your ideal travel companion. The spacious, 22-liter inner compartment offers an enormous amount of space for whatever you need to carry. The separate 15’’ notebook compartment holds and protects your mobile device, which is easily accessible from above as well as from the side thanks to an extra zip-up opening.

The back padding protects your notebook from the outside and makes it even more comfortable to wear. Of course, the compartment can also be used for other things, for example, to hold documents that you want to keep handy.

You can put your keys, smartphone or other valuables safely in the smaller outer pocket or in the separate inlay pocket, so you don’t have to put these things into the big main compartment.

The way you need it: Safe, secure and multifunctional

Thanks to its designed-in multifunctionality, this 15" notebook backpack is perfect for a whole range of activities. What’s more, it’s packed with a host of added safety features. The main compartment has a sturdy, extra-wide Velcro fastener and an extra hook fastener to ensure nothing can accidentally fall out of the Eco BackPack – even when it is full to bursting. If you use the full capacity of the backpack, a stabilizer in the inner compartment provides your Eco BackPack with additional support so that it does not hang. The backpack straps attach to the backpack with robust snap hooks. The straps can be easily detached and hidden in the back pocket, so that you have an instant, universal bag that can easily accommodate your shopping or your belongings. The carrying handles attach magnetically and guarantee additional comfort. Bottles can also be stowed in the narrow outer compartments. The small key and smartphone compartment on the side of the backpack is sewn shut on the inside, which means that nothing can slip out when you are removing items in a hurry.

Our Eco BackPack is made to keep your mobile life simple and flexible.

Eco-friendly from top to bottom

Our Eco BackPack is not only a totally practical, multifunctional notebook bag, it’s also an amazingly sustainable product. What is it that makes our backpack so special? All of the fabric, straps and carrying handles are made entirely from 28 recycled PET bottles all together.

As ecological as possible

For the back padding, we have used 100% recycled composite foam, which creates an individual pattern in the material. The padding protects both your back and the mobile device. We also designed our packaging to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. In order to ensure that the Eco BackPack is as green as can be, we also avoided unnecessary processing of seams and gluing. Our backpack has really earned its name, Eco.

Eco BackPack earns rave reviews from the trade press

Smartphone Magazin and Mac Life have taken a very close look at our Eco BackPack. The result: The quality and workmanship of the 2-in-1 all-rounder are impeccable. Smartphone Magazin raved about the resource-saving production from recycled PET bottles, concluding that the Eco BackPack is not only extremely practical, but also "good for the environment". The trade press unanimously praised the sustainability of our backpack/bag. The Eco BackPack is a "valuable contribution to environmental protection", writes Mac Life. Quality, design and sustainability are impressive across the board, with the Eco BackPack receiving an excellent 1.2 from Mac Life and the top rating "very good" from Smartphone Magazin.

Plastic and the environment

Plastic bottles and bags are made from petroleum, which is not only valuable, but also a finite as natural resource. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is theoretically recyclable up to 100%, but several million tonnes of plastic bags and bottles end up in the world’s oceans every year. While Germany has a deposit system for PET bottles, which means that most find their way back into circulation as recyclable material, plastic bags mainly land in households’ waste and are incinerated – mostly after a single use.

Better for the environment: Sustainable use

The Artwizz Eco BackPack is a multifunctional bag and is particularly robust thanks to its environmentally friendly material which promises many years of use. By choosing sustainable products, you are making a personal contribution to helping the environment. Our spacious bag is ideal for shopping, thereby saving up to 170 plastic bags a year and thus reducing the amount of environmentally harmful plastic waste.

Why Artwizz

With the Artwizz Eco BackPack, you can demonstrate your environmental awareness. There’s no question about it, a multifunctional bag made from recycled plastic is really something special. Choose our sustainable and flexible 15’’ laptop backpack and give PET bottles a new life. The eco-friendly material has been carefully made with the utmost care so that you get a practical, multifunctional Eco BackPack, which will last an incredibly long time.