Translucent all-round protection with black frame

  • iced optic provides matte finish without covering the device’s original design
  • TPU frame for hard-wearing corners and edges
  • ventilation slots on the bottom
  • non-slip, integrated feet for a firm stand

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Item number 7009-3696

The Artwizz IcedClip is our innovative MacBook case that is sure to surprise and inspire you with its dual characteristics. The combination of two contrasting materials gives this MacBook clip case a unique, contrasting appearance on the one hand and makes it extremely durable and long-lasting on the other.

Discreetly striking design

One of the absolute highlights of our IcedClip is its striking design. It looks as if a layer of frozen ice has enveloped your super cool MacBook. The protective cover is not completely transparent, it has a nuanced translucent structure that looks like naturally formed ice. This in turn blends harmoniously with the color of your precious MacBook housing, which shimmers through with its glowing Apple logo. Adding a touch of contrast, the black frame that runs around the edges of the MacBook clip case sets a visual accent and decoratively rounds off the exciting design of our IcedClip.

Does a lot more than just look cool

In terms of functionally, too, the name of our IcedClip really does say it all: Precision engineered especially for your MacBook, integrated air slots on the underside of the notebook clip allow air to circulate from your favorite device to the outside without restriction. This effect is further enhanced by the integrated feet on the IcedClip, which give your MacBook a slightly elevated and at the same time non-slip footing. In combination, these features prevent your powerful notebook from overheating as you put it through its paces.

Innovative combination of materials for long-lasting protection

The IcedClip couldn’t be easier to attach to the top and bottom of your MacBook, guaranteeing reliable, all-round protection for your device’s elegant housing. One of the most amazing features of this MacBook clip is its frame, which is made of elastic TPU. Unlike the vulnerable corners and edges of hard shell clips, this protective clip case has no weak spots, giving you even more robust and durable protection than ever before. At the same time, the IcedClip’s polycarbonate surface is extremely durable and particularly resistant to scratches.

Proper application:


Please clean your MacBook thoroughly prior to using the clip for the first time. Next, open up your MacBook. Take the top half of the clip into your hand and insert the clip alongside the hinged edge.


Now mount the clip to the upper edge and to the sides until you can hear it locking into place.


Please note: The flexible TPU Material may be bent at the corners due to the packaging. Press on the entire black surface with the inserted foot to bend it back inwards. Please don't bend the translucent surface.


Close your MacBook and turn it upside down. To prevent scratches, we recommend using a soft base to lay the MacBook down on.


Affix the clip to the bottom in the same manner you mounted it to the top.

Proper removal:


Carefully push the individual clip elements away from the MacBook housing. Do this on the one side and then on the other.

Suggested Care

We recommend that you remove the clip at regular intervals to remove accrued dust and debris trapped between the clip and the device.

Why Artwizz

With the Artwizz IcedClip, you get a MacBook case that combines the robust characteristics of a hard clip with the durability of an elastic sleeve. This quality is also reflected in the IcedClip’s unconventional – yet unobtrusive – icy look. So, when it comes to protection and design, there’s no better case for your beloved MacBook than the Artwizz IcedClip.

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