Rubber Clip

Translucent complete protection

  • extremely lightweight and durable
  • soft-touch coating creates a matte finish and a comfortable grip
  • on the bottom: ventilation slots and rubber feet for increased stability

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Item number 2858-RCMP15-GN

For us it is about more than just protection against scratches and dirt. It’s got to be perfect in every way. It shouldn’t distract from the design or the feeling you get when you use your MacBook — it should add to it. That’s how our Artwizz Rubber Clip is. With special soft-touch coating, it’s made to be touched. And the resilient surface protects your MacBook against signs of wear, it isn’t bulky and makes your life more colorful.

Rubber feet for added stability

The exchangeable rubber feet are custom designed and manufactured by Artwizz. They are securely anchored into the material of the MacBook protective case, ensuring optimum stability. Not only does the case look great, it’s also especially robust and stable. What’s more, every MacBook case comes with two extra feet so you won't have to worry about having problems using your case if you lose one.

Always stay cool

Air vents on the underside of the MacBook case guarantee optimum air circulation. The raised rubber feet create a gap between the MacBook and work surface, further enhancing the easy and unhindered flow of air.

Application? Easy…

The Artwizz Rubber Clip has two separate clips that are super easy to apply. Just open your MacBook and apply in the clip along the edge of the joint. You’ll hear a “click” when the Artwizz Rubber Clip is on and your MacBook is protected.

Made for your MacBook?

Heads up! Our Rubber Clips are not compatible with older MacBook Pro 13’’ and 15’’ models from 2012 and earlier. You can easily identify these models thanks to their internal SuperDrive CD/DVD drives (see the accompanying image). Artwizz Rubber Clips are available for the MacBook Pro Retina Generation without optical disc drives, which were produced between 2012 and 2015. You can also identify these thanks to their card readers, HDMI and USB-A ports. Our Clips are also available for the latest, 2016 generation of MacBooks, which feature USB-C ports and flat keyboards. Before you place your order, please check to make sure which Macbook model you have.

The Artwizz Rubber Clip MacBook tested:

The Rubber Clip was given a 1.3 by the trade magazine Mac Life, and the MacBook cover was also convincing in the connect Testlab. Our Artwizz Rubber Clip for MacBook has more than convinced testers in the trade press: "The lightweight clips absorb bumps and protect your computer from scratches, provide louvers and rubber feet on the underside, and make the Apple logo shimmer through the colored shell."

Protection for your iPad…

Our proven protective clip is also available for a full range of iPad models. Our opaque black Rubber Clip iPad protects the back of your tablet from wear and scratches and is a delight to hold.

… and smartphones

The smartphone version of our Rubber Clip offers ultra-slim and ultra-reliable backside protection for your mobile device. Thanks to its soft-touch coating, the smartphone clip feels particularly supple and adds a welcome splash of color to your mobile everyday life.

Why Artwizz

Founded in 2004, Artwizz just loves Apple devices and is dedicated to helping you get the most out of them. Our Rubber Clip for MacBook is one of the best products we’ve ever developed (and that’s really saying something!) because it checks all of the important boxes: it provides reliable MacBook protection, improves usability with its stable feet, doesn’t compromise the elegant Apple design in any way thanks to its ultra-slim design and translucent material and, of course, gives you the chance to customize the look of your favorite device. All in all, it’s the perfect accessory for your MacBook.