HangOn Band Pro

Carrying cord for phone straps and patches with just one loop:

  • soft, black and white braided strap
  • firmly integrated carabiner ring
  • easy to attach and remove from the case
  • practical swivel hinge for 360° smartphone rotation
  • length adjustable using two double cord stoppers
  • hands remain free when worn as a crossbody case or necklace
  • not compatible with Artwizz HangOn Cases

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Item number 8464-3831

Do you already have a favorite case and would like to use it as a cell phone shoulder strap? Or would you just like to replace the strap you already use with your cell phone? Yet your case has only one loop and not two like our HangOn Cases? Then the HangOn Band Pro is right for you. 

The Pro replacement strap

The HangOn Band Pro is a black and white braided strap that runs through a special metal clip, which in turn is attached to a carabiner ring with a rotating hinge. The carabiner ring is equipped with a spring opening so that you can open it at any time and attach and remove the strap. 

Carabiner ring with spring opening  

Thanks to the integrated ring, you can quickly and easily attach the cell phone strap to a loop. The carabiner ring is equipped with a spring opening that allows it to be opened and closed quickly. 

360° swivel hinge

Thanks to the 360° swivel hinge, you always have your device at hand in the right position, whether you wear it as a necklace or crossover. 

Metallic grommet as an eye-catcher 

The carabiner ring is firmly attached to a metal grommet of the same color. This gives our HangOn Band Pro an unmistakable look. 

Adjustable length and always tidy 

Better safe than sorry, which is why our HangOn Band Pro has two double cord stoppers in the matching metal color. The advantage is not only that you can freely adjust the length, but also that you have the ends of the cell phone strap under control. When adjusted correctly, the ends of the straps do not dangle and always look neat and tidy. 

No fraying of the ends 

The ends of the replacement strap are also protected by matching metal caps. This not only looks great, but also makes our HangOn Band Pro durable and prevents fraying of the band. 

Necklace or crossover 

Like most cell phone straps, you can also wear our HangOn Band Pro however you like - as a necklace or crossbody. You can adjust the strap length accordingly and keep your hands free. 

The cord

The replacement cord itself is woven from a soft nylon fabric. The combination of white and black cord is kept classic so that it goes well with any style and yet always looks special. Thanks to the soft, flexible material, the cell phone strap is easily stretchable and can vary in length between 63 cm and 76.5 cm. This corresponds to a circumference of 126 cm to approx.153 cm. 

Do you need a universal strap that matches your style?

Our HangOn Band fits phone straps with two or one loop. The strap can be opened and adjusted in length in no time at all and is available in ten colors and two individual designs.

Why Artwizz 

Since 2004, we have been dedicated to creating accessories to fall in love with for your mobile device. Whether technical, protective or simply beautiful, we want to create a long-lasting accessory for your life. To achieve this, we not only pay attention to quality, but also to the small details that make our products something special.