HangOn Band

Smartphone cord for all Artwizz HangOn Cases

  • allows you to wear your smartphone around your neck or body and keep your hands free
  • bayonet clasp allows quick attachment and removal
  • also suitable for other protective cases with integrated loops
  • adjustable in length up to 1.50 m

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Design your mobile everyday life to be just as individual as you are! With the Artwizz HangOn Band, you have the freedom to create a personalized smartphone accessory that fits you and your style. Developed exclusively for the Artwizz HangOn Case, you can choose cords in a wide range of colors, materials and designs. You’ll never have enjoyed hanging out with your smartphone more!

Maximum quality equals maximum comfort

Every single Artwizz HangOn Band is made from only the most carefully selected materials. Our smartphone case cords are particularly light and soft, and extremely comfortable to wear. Each cord is 1.50 meters long and fitted with a double metal cord stopper, which means you can easily and comfortably adjust the cord to your desired length. You can use the exchangeable cords to wear your HangOn Case loosely as crossbody case, with the freedom to take photos or send messages comfortably on the go. Or you can make the cord a bit shorter and wear your smartphone around your neck, where it’s always close to hand.

They may measure just 6 millimetres in diameter, but all of our smartphone cords are highly durable and hard-wearing. They won’t stretch after lengthy and repeated use and are designed to retain their shape, even after numerous visits to playgrounds or music festivals.

Soft and silky smooth: Enhance your personal style

Our braided-look HangOn Band adds a splash of color to your HangOn Case. Why not try delicate mint or rosé, elegant black or purist white? Whichever you choose, all of our cords add a unique accent to your personal style with their silky, glossy finish. No matter which outfit, the silky HangOn cord will always complement your look. What’s more, the twisted design turns this HangOn cord into a real breath-taker.

Our HangOn Band in Silky Mint and Silky Rose really is as soft as silk – and as delicate as silk, which makes it perfect for especially chic occasions. If you are looking for a HangOn Band for more every day use, we recommend our Fancy or Basic HangOn Band. If you weren’t aware that your HangOn Band in Silky Mint or Silky Rose isn’t designed for constant use and have been using it so much that it is starting to look a little worn out, you can contact us via our customer support and we will be happy to replace your HangOn Band at no extra cost.

Colorful and eye-catching: Your HangOn Case will be the talk of the town

Turn your HangOn Case into an absolute statement accessory with our braided-look HangOn Band. In bright pink, this smartphone cord accentuates your HangOn Case and transforms it into an unmistakable attention-getter. Or maybe you’re looking for something even more colorful? Then our rainbow-colored HangOn Band is sure to tickle your fancy. And if don’t want to tie yourself down to just one color combination, with several cords you can always decide on the perfect color and design to combine with your smartphone on any given day.

Quick and easy to attach and remove

You can detach the cord from the HangOn Case in just a few simple steps: Open the bayonet clasp on the cord, release the ends of the smartphone cord and pull them out of the two loops located on the rear of the HangOn Case.

To attach a HangOn cord to the case, simply thread it back through the two loops and connect the two ends of the cord with the bayonet clasp. You are ready to put on your smartphone and start the day – with your hands free.

Made for each other: The Artwizz HangOn Band and Artwizz HangOn Case

We developed the exchangeable HangOn Band especially for our HangOn Case to give you maximum freedom, free hands and space for your most important card every day. Combine the Artwizz HangOn Case with our HangOn Band to create your very own personalized, stylish smartphone accessory.

The Artwizz HangOn Band put to the test:

Smartphone Magazine is impressed by our HangOn Band, which can be “comfortably adjusted to the desired size” and “effortlessly attached to the protective case (...) and also quickly switched out.” In addition the experts say: “The workmanship is high quality” and the HangOn Band makes a “very robust impression.” As a result, we received the highest rating: Very good.

Why Artwizz

Ever since Artwizz was founded in 2004, we have made it our goal to create smartphone accessories that you will fall in love with. Naturally, this led us to the following question: How can we let all of our wonderful Artwizz customers personalize their smartphone accessories? After all, you know best what suits you and what you like. So we developed the HangOn Band as a swappable cord for the Artwizz HangOn Case: A smartphone cord in an exciting range of colors, materials and designs that will turn your HangOn Case into your very own customized eye-catcher.

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