Leather gloves with touchscreen functionality

  • palm of glove made of lambskin
  • back of glove with velvety wool-mix
  • warming fleece lining
  • long-lasting touch-function
  • fitted at the wrist
  • 5 unisex sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL

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The leather gloves with a special touch

Use even smartphone or tablet on cold days - without freezing. The SmartGlove from Artwizz are perfectly suited for that. The elegant touch gloves consist of fine lamb leather, a soft wool mix and warm fleece lining. This will keep your hands warm, makes you mobile, due to the touch-function and fits to any winter wardrobe. The SmartGlove are ideal companions for the cold season: soft, practical, timeless for men and women and available in 5 different sizes.

For each hand the appropriate SmartGlove®

We have created our SmartGlove in 5 different sizes, so really, every hand has an appropriate model. The touch gloves have a straight cut and fit tightly against the wrist. This creates a sleek design that also can be combined with long sleeves from winter jackets and coats.

The correct size is extremely important, as it can affect the operation and function of the touch glove. To gain an overview and find the appropriate SmartGlove, we have compiled a size chart for you:

Intern. Size

Gloves Size


(in cm)
















Time for the SmartGlove®

Do you know it? There is snow on the road and an icy wind passing by. Suddenly an important call. You don´t have a choice but to take of your gloves, to answer the call. But to forgo gloves in the cold is no real alternative. This is also not necessary, because for moments like this, we have designed the SmartGlove. They keep you warm during freezing temperatures and offer a practical touch-function, so that you can use your smartphone or tablet.

Good to know: How does your touchscreen work?

Capacitive touchscreens like on your iPhone, iPad and most smartphones, all work in similar ways: they build up a constant electric field. Our finger guides this power during each individual input. This is so weak and harmless, that we don´t recognize it. But the smartphone registers each touch and instantly converts them into corresponding commands. With conventional gloves this process fails, because they cannot pick up an electrical charge and process. This is different for gloves with a touch-function.

Constant touch-function through the entire leather surface

There are many gloves with touch-function. However, the quality differs. Many materials wear out after one winter and quickly lose the touch-function. You will need new gloves in the following year. Also the touch surface is limited mostly to a certain finger or even fingertip.

This is different with the SmartGlove:

We have provided the complete inner surface with the touch-function. It was implemented thanks to an elaborate manufacturing process and was deeply embedded in the leather. The touch-function is fully applicable with the leather gloves, just as with your hand. Your smartphone display can be operated with every single finger and on request also with your hand. Click, string and wiping movements are no problem - as well as 3D ForceTouch. Your touchscreen registers different pressures.

The SmartGlove will also work, if they are damaged or scratched and withstand everyday winter hardships - with years of exposure to coldness and moisture. The touch-function and the material of the gloves will be usable for a long time, due to their special treatment.

Lamb leather-wool mix for an unmatched feel

The modern contrast between matt and gloss surfaces makes the SmartGlove unique. The Palm is made up of soft, easily polished lamb leather. The back of the hand is made from a warm, matt wool blend.

Our designers have deliberately opted for the fine lambskin leather, rather than access to the much more frequently used cowhide leather. That makes a small, but crucial difference, because the SmartGlove are not only nice to look at, but also feel very smooth. They are real "voluptuous", in the truest sense of the word.

Elegant winter accessory to fall in love with

A design mix that looks cool, but keeps you warm. It is the details that make these leather gloves so incomparable. Look at the index finger, you can see two discreetly placed seams. A subtle hint of our designer, who stressed the importance of this finger for the daily use. A look from above or below shows fully leather or wool. A view from the side makes the smooth transition between the materials clear, which has an artistic finish at the thumb. The back of the thumb consists of wool mix and is surrounded by leather. The dividing lines and seams between the individual materials are deliberately visible.

The SmartGlove leather gloves are a particularly practical and noble winter accessory with a tasteful, thoughtful design. Perfect for every occasion and style, whether to the classic coat, winter jacket or sporty sneakers and a winter-parka.

The SmartGlove® keeps you warm

The purpose and the quality of winter gloves are determined first and foremost of the heat that he gives, and stores. The careful selection of the individual materials and the right composition is crucial. With the SmartGlove, it is the combination of leather, wool mix and warm fleece lining on the inside of the glove. These ensure a fluffy warm comfort and allow to have a flawless operation, without cold hands.

The specialised press says:

Mac Life and Smartphone Magazine have provided a critical evaluation of our SmartGlove. According to Mac Life using the smartphone with the Artwizz SmartGlove feels like wearing "no glove" at all. "Without freezing fingers" they gave us a 1.3 rating. Smartphone Magazine came to the same acknowledging conclusion. The "timeless glove" with "permanent touch function" achieved a "Very Good".

Why Artwizz

Artwizz designed accessory to fall in love with: just as the SmartGlove touch gloves. There are hand-made accessories for the hand. For a perfect "handling": Starting with the soft warm feeling through the leather wool fleece-mix, to the durability of touch-function, to the elegant design.

Artwizz combines traditional leather craft with innovative smart touch technology. So, you´re well prepared for the winter. With many years of experience and quality of a Berlin label, which creates mobile accessories which best suits your mobile needs.