Basic Black Case

Black TPU protective case

  • durable protection from scratches and wear
  • made of thin, flexible TPU
  • sleek, matt black design

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Item number 7856-3770

When it comes to essential equipment, no smartphone should be without an Artwizz Basic Black Case. It is timeless, understated and provides reliable protection against wear and tear. Our sleek TPU case envelops your smartphone in a protective layer of matt black TPU without adding unnecessary bulk or compromising the your device’s original shape.

Minimalism is the new black

With its matt exterior, our TPU protective case lends your smartphone a minimalist, modern look and feels great to the touch. And because it is just 1.3 mm thick, this black smartphone case is as close to the opposite of as you can get. Because it is so thin and lightweight, you could almost forget that your mobile companion is nestled securely in the Basic Black Case.

Thin yet durable

The Artwizz Basic Black Case is made from flexible and highly durable TPU. Even if the worst should happen and you drop or bang your smartphone against a hard surface, your protective case won’t break, it will absorb the impact and retain its structural integrity. TPU is both elastic and flexible, allowing your new matt black smartphone case to fit snugly around the corners and edges of your mobile darling. The Artwizz Basic Black Case provides optimal protection against scratches as well as everyday wear and tear.

Super slim and flexible TPU







It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference

Of course, the Artwizz Basic Black Case doesn’t cover any of your smartphone’s ports, microphones or speakers, which means you can get the most out of your smartphone and protect it at the same time. And using your device’s buttons couldn’t be easier: they are protected by a glossy, recessed frame that guides your fingers quickly and intuitively.

What’s more, a slightly raised ridge around the front of the case protects your phone’s screen from scratches. So you can put your smartphone down on the table without a second thought. The super thin constitution of our Basic Black Case also brings along functional benefits since you will be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly without having to remove the case.

SecondDisplay for all-round protection

Team the Basic Black Case with our SecondDisplay glass protection in order to not only protect the backside of your smartphone but also its sensitive screen. This way you are all around secured from scratches and signs of wear.

Why Artwizz

Since the year 2004, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting your mobile devices. Each of our products is the culmination of our experience and expertise. Our new Artwizz Basic line of products features all of the essentials you need to protect your mobile devices. With our new range of products, we’ve gone back to the basics, dispensed with unnecessary extras and ditched the elaborate packaging to offer you the best possible protection at the most attractive prices.

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