Basic Clear Case

Transparent TPU protective case

  • durable protection from scratches and wear
  • ultra-thin, ultra-robust
  • almost invisible, transparent design

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Item number 8433-3829

If you would rather not have a protective cover on your smartphone at all, the Artwizz Basic Clear Case is exactly what you are looking for. Our transparent smartphone case allows the original, stunning design of your smartphone to shine through, while the ultra-thin and lightweight case reliably protects against scratches and signs of wear.

It’s all in the details

If you look closely, you’ll see lots of very tiny dots on the inside of the protective cover. These serve a specific purpose: The flat, closely packed dots prevent unsightly suction areas from forming between your smartphone and the transparent protective cover.

Barely noticeable on your smartphone

Super light and super slim, the Basic Clear Case hugs the back and sides of your mobile device. And at just 1.2 mm thick, you will hardly notice it on your smartphone at all. You also get to enjoy your device’s original colour and design through the clear protective case, which protects your smartphone in every type of situation.

The best design, the best protection

The Artwizz Basic Clear Case’s elastic TPU material is very grippy, which means it sits snugly and firmly in your hand and isn’t likely to slip through your fingers. The resilient TPU case protects the sides and back of your smartphone against wear and tear and, being so flexible, this transparent smartphone case is hardwearing, durable and perfectly fits over your device’s corners and edges. The slightly raised ridge around the camera notch even lets you put your mobile device camera-side down on flat surfaces without a second thought about scratching the high-resolution lenses. Your smartphone's screen is also protected by a slightly raised ridge around the front edge. At the same time, all of your device’s buttons remain unimpeded and protected.

Or, perhaps, you’re looking for an ultra-slim black case?

Then you might want to take a look at our Basic Black Case. It’s as discreet and durable as our Artwizz Basic Clear Case, just in an elegant matt black.

Why Artwizz

For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting your mobile devices. We’ve designed our new range of Artwizz Basic products to offer you the best possible protection for your mobile companions at the most attractive prices. Not only have we used our vast experience to select the right materials, we’ve also ditched the elaborate packaging and unnecessary extras to make protecting your devices more affordable than ever before.