Transparent hybrid case

  • protects reliably against scratches and bumps, scratch resistant
  • transparent, glossy composite back plate, resistant to discoloration
  • elastic and unbreakable frame made of TPU material
  • opening on the side for a lanyard strap

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Item number 8297-3815

Seizing the benefits of a variety of materials is one of the advantages of hybrid products. This is also evident in our ClearClip for the iPhone 15 range. The elastic frame is transparent, break resistant and absorbs minor impact. The transparent rear end allows the device to shine through without any discoloration. An integrated magnetic ring provides additional support for wireless charging. 

Transparent Hybrid Case

Our Artwizz ClearClip is made from a combination of multiple distinct materials, the joint use of which leads to an intelligent combination featuring especially advantageous properties that make the protection completely transparent. The backside of our hybrid case consists of a transparent compound material, which is extremely robust and scratch resistant, so much more than a conventional polycarbonate protective case. Another benefit of the material is its resistance to discoloration, which may, for instance, be caused by UV rays, makeup, fabric or perspiration. Yellowing, which otherwise occurs after a very short time, is prevented and the backside of the transparent iPhone case remains clear for an exceptionally long period of time. Elastic TPU is used to make the transparent frame. As a result, the ClearClip can be flexibly mounted to your iPhone while it also offers stability. Unlike contemporary hard clips, the edges of the elastic frame will not break. Hence, if you have an Artwizz ClearClip, you will enjoy exceptional longevity and a transparent case. At the same time, the elastic material ensures that the iPhone feels great in your hand. 

Understated design thanks to shimmering transparency 

Our ClearClip definitely does what its name promises. The case is entirely transparent and thus clearly places the emphasis on the design of your iPhone. The white magnetic ring is the only feature that interrupts the otherwise completely transparent backend with its long lasting transparency. In addition, the so-called dot technology provides a clear view of the backside by preventing the development of dark suction spots between the transparent case and your iPhone. The flexible frame comes with a shiny surface, which literally underscores the metallic sides of your iPhone. All in all, the transparent iPhone case does not add weight and size worth mentioning to your iPhone. It remains understated and places the focus entirely on your iPhone. 

Strong protection 

The intelligent combination of two materials raises the protective factor for your iPhone to the next level. Ultimately, the elastic TPU on the sides is not only virtually indestructible, its soft quality also has the capability to cushion impact or the effects of minor drops of the phone. This effect is further amplified by small air bubbles on the corners of your iPhone. Moreover, the framework above the edge of the display and the camera is slightly elevated and offers additional protection against scratches for the sensitive parts of your iPhone when placing the phone on flat surfaces. The side buttons are covered and are optically protected in an understated manner. 

Wireless charging

A magnetic ring has been installed on the fixed backside of the ClearClip. Visually, it does not only add an accent to the transparent iPhone case; it also supports its practical functions of your iPhone 15. On the one hand, it allows for the wireless charging of the phone at exceptionally high speeds. On the other hand, it boosts the magnetic fixation to wireless charging devices and other compatible modules. 

Small details that make a difference

With this transparent iPhone case, we paid attention to details that make handling the phone in mobile day to day situations even more convenient for you. This is why the small nubs on the outside of the ClearClip ensure that the elevation of the camera frame is compensated for to ensure that the case can fit in a more flattened manner. In addition, a practical loop holder on the side of the transparent iPhone cases allows you to carry your favourite device on your wrist. A compatible option is a simple cellphone carrier with a thin loop that easily fits through the opening. As a result, you will keep your hands free when you use our ClearClip.

Why Artwizz

We started acquiring expertise in the protection of Apple devices in 2004. Since then, we have been tirelessly searching for new materials and additional options to further improve our protective cases. These many years of expertise and our maximum quality claim can be found in every product we offer for your favourite device: accessories you will fall in love with.

Care tip

Regularly remove your case and clean it carefully, inside and out. This will ensure that you get rid of any dust and dirt particles that could scratch your device.

Use ClearClip +Charge and have your hands free? 

Our ideal add-on for the ClearClip +Charge: Artwizz WristBand. A small and inexpensive accessory that makes a difference to your everyday life. Simply let your device dangle from your wrist when you want to hold something else than just your iPhone.

Do you prefer colour for your iPhone? 

Our IcedClip will give you just as much protection as our ClearClip. The only difference is that it introduces a lot more colour. Give your iPhone 15 the popping Kings Blue or the traditional matte black look. 

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