Backside protection made of glass

  • protects the smartphone back from breakage and scratches
  • almost invisible on black devices thanks to ultra slim design
  • smartphone logo stays visible through transparent window

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Item number 6857-2577

The Artwizz CurvedBack is made of hardened safety glass, which means it provides the best protection for the back of your smartphone and is a real alternative to traditional protective covers. Designed specifically to protect the glass backs of the latest generation of smartphones, the Artwizz CurvedBack provides reliable protection without adding unnecessary bulk. Made for purists, its inconspicuous glass not only retains the original design of your favourite device, but also its high-quality operating comfort.

Artwizz safety glass

You already know just how well our safety glass protects your smartphone’s screen. Well, with the CurvedBack you can now enjoy the same benefits for the back of your device as you do with our Artwizz CurvedDisplays. The Artwizz CurvedBack’s real glass, with a hardness rating of 9H, is particularly scratch resistant and durable. It protects the glass back of your phone from scratches, breakage and signs of wear and tear, ensuring that the back of your device will enjoy a particularly long life. Even if the back of your smartphone is already damaged, our CurvedBack will prevent the glass from splintering. Best of all, our CurvedBack retains both the original glass feel of your mobile device and its elegant design.

Back protection for purists

The Artwizz CurvedBack is individually tailored to each smartphone design, with precision cut-outs for cameras, flashes and, if appropriate, touch ID sensors. The curvature at the edges of the back glass is also precisely modelled to the rounded edges of your mobile device. This ensures that our back glass fits snugly and remains virtually invisible on your smartphone. With a thickness of just 0.5 mm, our safety glass doesn’t add bulk. What it does add is back protection you can count on.

No compromise in functionality or design

With our CurvedBack, you get a real glass back protector that doesn’t compromise the stylish design of your smartphone. And this is not only thanks to the CurvedBack’s ultra-slim design: While the glass itself is black, a transparent window ensures that the manufacturer's logo remains visible at all times. And there are no functional restrictions with our glass back protectors either. Data transmission via NFC works just as smoothly with Artwizz CurvedBack as wireless charging.

The trade press on our CurvedBack:

Smartphone Magazine gives our CurvedBack its top rating of “very good”: “The glass reliably protects the back of the smartphone from scratches and damage.” According to the trade magazine, the CurvedBack’s “streamlined construction makes it almost invisible and, thanks to the inbuilt window and cut outs, the device’s logo remains visible and the camera functions perfectly.”

According to Mac Life, the Artwizz CurvedBack is perfect for “anyone who wants to leave their device uncovered” and awards it an almost perfect score of 1.2 for offering a “highly affordable alternative to having your iPhone repaired”.

Yet another way to protect your iPhone

Just as discreet and smooth as our CurvedBack, the Artwizz SecondBack glass protector reliably protects the back of your iPhone. This protective glass is completely transparent and maintains the high-quality original design of your iPhone. SecondBack, unlike our CurvedDisplay glass, only covers the flat section of your iPhone’s back, leaving the rounded sides free and a perfect fit for one of our attractive Artwizz Bumpers.

Why Artwizz

When you use Artwizz safety glass, you know you can rely on our many years of experience and commitment to quality. The safety glass of our CurvedBack has a hardness rating of 9H and is precision engineered for your smartphone to provide the optimum protection against impacts from sharp-edged objects. Our back glass protector preserves the ultra-slim design of your mobile device and maintains its original glass look.