HangOn Case

Smartphone case with lanyard strap

  • around the neck or across the body, this smartphone case ensures your hands are free at all times
  • you can adjust the length of the strap and quickly remove or replace it thanks to the easy to use bayonet clasp
  • extra straps are available separately in a range of colors and materials
  • convenient card slot on the back of the protective case
  • the color of the protective case will not fade or discolor

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Item number 3791-2897

Are you totally hung up on to your smartphone?

Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone was just as hung up on you!

That’s where the Artwizz HangOn Case comes in. It’s the ideal unisex accessory for you and your mobile lifestyle. Simply hang your smartphone around your neck or across your body and keep your hands totally free for the really important things in life. But don’t worry, your mobile companion is always ready for action whenever you need it. What’s more, the classic black protective case combines with the black and white lanyard strap to add the perfect finishing touch to any of your outfits. And thanks to the concealed slot on the back of the smartphone case, you’ve even got a secure place to stow your most important card, such as a travel ticket, bank or membership card. Of course, you can also use the HangOn Case without a card.

Criss-cross or traditional lanyard: The smartphone case you’ll want to hang out with

When it comes to choosing how to wear your Artwizz HangOn Case, the decision is entirely yours. And there are just so many possibilities: around your neck like a necklace; across your shoulders as a crossbody case; or casually over one shoulder like a handbag.

You’ll love experimenting and finding the most comfortable and practical way to wear the HangOn Case. However you decide to wear it, there’s one thing you can be sure of: Your hands are free at all times and your device is always safe, secure and ready for action wherever you go. And if you’re ever in a situation where you’d rather not have the HangOn Case hanging free, you can always quickly detach the protective TPU case from the lanyard strap and use it separately.

A hands free mobile life

Even if you figuratively have your hands full every day, our HangOn Case means your hands are free for what really matters. Your smartphone is close at hand, while your hands are totally free: You can carry shopping bags, lend your kids a helping hand at the playground, push a stroller, hold a drink or let yourself go when you’re dancing.

Never miss a special moment ever again

If it’s happened to us, it’s probably happened to you too: A beautiful or funny moment that you would have loved to capture in a photo, but you couldn’t get your smartphone out in time. Well, thanks to our HangOn Case, you’ll never miss a single snapshot ever again, whether of your own children, sightseeing or on holiday. And even missed calls are a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to screen breakage and moments of terror

They’re the moments of terror when your breath catches in your throat: Your smartphone slips out of your hand, falls to the floor and you hope more than anything that nothing’s broken. Say goodby to moments like these with the HangOn Case and hang your smartphone safely around your neck. If your device should slip out of your hand while you’re using it or taking a selfie, the HangOn Case’s lanyard strap will make sure it doesn’t fall far.

Maybe you’ve also experienced those anxious moments when you suddenly think to yourself: “Where is my smartphone?” You pat your pockets, rummage through your bag and, in the worst case, you have forgotten to pick up your device and have no idea where it could be. This is another shock you’ll never have to experience again if you carry your smartphone in the Artwizz HangOn Case. Not only are your hands free at all times, you also know where your smartphone is at all times and can reassure yourself that it’s still where it should be with one simple movement.

The protective case: extremely slim, extremely durable

Made of durable and hard-wearing TPU, your smartphone is reliably protected from scratches and damage for as long as it’s in the HangOn Case’s protective case. The case fits snugly around the corners and edges of your device, so your smartphone is securely wrapped and can’t slip out. The material is extremely flexible, sturdy and grippy. There are precision cut-outs for ports and the phone’s camera, while the case’s slightly raised edges ensure that your device’s screen doesn't come into contact with flat surfaces when you put it face-down on a shelf or table.

The glossy frame on the front of the case combines with the matt finish of the rest of the case to create a timelessly modern and elegantly stylish look. The lanyard strap is pulled through the two riveted loops on the back of the case and you can also remove the strap at any time to use the protective cover without the strap. The strap is color coordinated to harmonize with the black finish of the protective case. What’s more, the loops are flexible and easy to clean.

The lanyard strap: lightweight and robust

Our lanyard strap, the Artwizz Band, has been designed especially to form the perfect partnership with our HangOn Case. Made of ultra-soft and lightweight material, the black and white strap is extremely comfortable to wear in an eye-catching braided look. At the same time, the Artwizz Band, which has a diameter of just 6 millimetres, is both robust and retains its shape, making it your perfect outdoor companion, whether on the playground or out on your bike. And if it does get a little bit dirty, you can also clean the carrying strap quickly and easily by hand to remove minor soiling.

At 1.50 meters in length, the Artwizz Band gives you more than enough strap to hang the HangOn Case around your neck, body or shoulder and still be able to move your hands freely. For example, you’ll have no problem taking a selfie with an outstretched arm. Thanks to a metal double cord lock, you can easily adjust the length of the Artwizz Band, allowing you to wear your smartphone on a long strap around your neck, or wear it short at chest height. The Artwizz Band’s bayonet clasp also means you can quickly and easily detach the lanyard strap from the case at any time to switch out the strap or use the case on its own.

Switch out the lanyard strap quickly and easily with the Artwizz Band

With our colorful Artwizz bands, you can personalize your HangOn Case to create your very own look. The interchangeable straps are available separately in different colors and will transform your HangOn Case into a strikingly colorful fashion statement.

What the trade press thinks of our HangOn Case:

The editors of Smartphone Magazin are totally won over by our HangOn Case and awarded an “impressive score” in their hands-on test. The fact that the bayonet lock is "easy to open and close" is singled out for special praise, as is the “durable TPU” of the protective case. All in all, the trade magazine awards the HangOn Case its “Very Good” seal.

Why Artwizz

Since Artwizz’s inception, it has been our mission to protect your mobile devices and make your mobile life safer, easier and more enjoyable. It was these principles that guided the development of the HangOn Case. Our aim was clear: To design a smartphone accessory for you that not only looks good, but also offers the best possible protection and functionality. We’re sure you’ll agree: the Artwizz HangOn Case is the smartphone case to get hung up on, a brand new mobile accessory for you to fall in love with.