HangOn Pouch

Smartphone pouch with cord

  • wear around your neck or across your body and keep your hands free at all times
  • inner and outer compartments for up to two cards, money, etc.
  • easily adjust the length of the cord and quickly swap it out thanks to the secure bayonet clip
  • cords available in an exciting range of colors and designs
  • all-round protection from scratches and impacts

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Item number 8192-2987

Smartphone, notes, cards and more: Our HangOn Pouch is the ideal alternative to overflowing trouser pockets and heavy, overstuffed handbags. With this faux-leather case, you can easily hang your smartphone around your neck or across your body and take full advantage of the extra storage space in the handy inner and outer compartments, which mean you can always have everything you need close to hand, and keep your hands free for shopping, playing with the kids, or eating out.

Safe and secure in our elegant smartphone pouch

Our black, ultra-slim smartphone pouch is made of durable polyurethane and provides reliable, all-round protection from scratches and impacts. In addition, the high-quality, faux-leather cross-body pouch exudes a discreet and elegant charm. There’s space for up to two cards plus and banknotes in the pouch’s hidden inner compartment, while the multifunctional outer compartment is the ideal place to stow small notes, earphones or ballpoint pens.

The cord threads securely through two metal eyelets on the pouch, which means you can easily undo the bayonet clip to remove the cord whenever you want to use the pouch as a regular smartphone case.

Comfortable cord in a wide range of exciting colors and designs

It’s entirely your decision which cord you want to combine with your HangOn Pouch. Choose the cord you like best from our wide range of attractive styles. The twisted appearance of our extra-silky cords in soft pink and mint or plain black and white are real eye-catchers. Whether you are smitten by the splash of color offered by our pink or rainbow cords, or want something more understated in chic black and white, we’ve got the cords you want.

Customize your smartphone pouch

Give your HangOn Pouch a new look for every occasion and every outfit: Our HangOn Band for your smartphone pouch is available in an exciting range of colors and designs.

Quick and easy to attach and remove

Best of all, you can quickly and easily swap cords by simply opening the bayonet clip on the cord and pulling it out of the pouch’s two integrated metal eyelets.

All of our cords are 1.50 meters long and you can use the practical double cord stopper to adjust them to your desired length. That means you can hang the smartphone around your neck or across your body, whichever you prefer. You can shorten the HangOn Pouch’s cord when you’re whizzing about on your bike and lengthen it again when you want to take a selfie with outstretched arms.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, keep your hands free

When you’re holding your kid’s hand and schlepping a bag full of shopping, you certainly don’t have a free hand for your smartphone. Well, that’s one problem we have now solved for you. Thanks to the Artwizz HangOn Pouch, your smartphone is always at your fingertips and easily accessible with just one hand. You can safely stash banknotes and cards in our practical smartphone pouch with cord, so you have everything you need in one handy place.

Whether you’re on your way to the gym, meeting friends or heading to the playground with your kids, grab the HangOn Pouch and you're good to go. You can hang the smartphone pouch around your neck or across your body, whichever is most comfortable for you. Whether like a handbag over your shoulder, as a crossbody bag or around your neck, the HangOn Pouch is the smartphone accessory you’ve always wanted.

Make the most of your hands-free lifestyle

Our HangOn Case is another attractive accessory designed to keep your hands free in everyday life. The concealed slot on the back of the case gives you space for your tickets and cards. What’s more, just like with the HangOn Pouch, you can easily swap out the HangOn Band to customize the look of your HangOn Case.

The trade press sings the highest praise for our HangOn Pouch

Smartphone Magazine loves our smartphone pouch. The editors enthused about the “convenient compartments for banknotes or two cards” and the “robust cord” that can be “removed or switched out in no time at all.” They also highlight the “very high quality” of the cord and the “optimal smartphone protection” provided by the pouch. And any negatives? There are “none.” So it’s no surprise that our HangOn Pouch receives the highest possible mark: Very good.

Why Artwizz

We want every one of our products to inspire you. That’s why we only ever use high-quality materials and combine great design with life-enhancing functionality. With the HangOn Pouch, we have created an endlessly customizable smartphone pouch with an exchangeable cord to save you precious time every day. With the HangOn Pouch, you can carry your smartphone, money, cards and more, and keep your hands free at all times.