Translucent clip in a matte finish with an opaque frame

  • protects reliably against scratches and breakage
  • translucent rear in an icy design renders the iPhone colour and logo visible 
  • matching coloured frame made of robust TPU
  • individually applied metal buttons that give you an authentic sense of being in control

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Item number 8143-3799

Optimum protection paired with an inspired design: our Artwizz IcedClip perfectly combines these two characteristics. Thanks to this robust and translucent smartphone clip you will never have to worry about the luxurious housing of your iPhone ever again. However, this protective sleeve also gives your favorite device a cool icy matte exterior in a variety of color nuances.

An intelligent protective clip in an icy design

Upon first inspection, the clip gives your smartphone the appearance of a thin, colorful layer of ice covering its rear. On the one hand, this effect is the result of the translucent look of this iPhone clip. On the other hand, it is the reflection of its cool colors: mint green, Nordic blue and night black. Your iPhone’s original color and logo subtly shine through the cover and merge elegantly with icy design of the protective cover’s back.

The opaque TPU frame provides a beautiful contrast to the transparent rear. The metal buttons on the otherwise matte frame of the iPhone protective sleeve introduce a small but eye catching color coordinated highlight.

Small things that make a huge difference

While our IcedClip indeed comes in distinctive, eye catching colors, it measures just 1.8 mm and is therefore extremely slim to protect your iPhone without adding any bulk. The opaque TPU frame creates a fantastic contrast to the transparent back. The shimmering metal buttons in matching colors provide a minimalist yet attractive highlight for the otherwise matte frame of the protective iPhone cover. 

Uncompromising protection for your smartphone

The translucent rear of the iPhone clips consists of polycarbonate. Besides the icy matte effect, it comes with a soft touch coating that ensures that your smartphone will remain in your hands securely, does not slide and feels soft to the touch.

Unlike the rear, the frame of the IcedClip is made of rugged TPU, which gives it elastic properties that easily protect against impact on the corners and edges of the high end iPhone housing. Moreover, contrary to straight-forward hard shell clips, the frame of this iPhone sleeve is unbreakable and thus provides your smartphone with an extraordinary level of long lasting protection.

Moreover, the integrated metal buttons cover the buttons of your phone and protect them, without any loss of pressure, achieving optimum pressure points. You can even place your smartphone that is protected by the Artwizz IcedClip on the table and not even the tiniest crumb will be able to scratch the display. This is because the TPU frame’s extension is minimal in height so that the screen never comes in direct contact with other surfaces. The black extended frame around the camera also provides secure protection for the iPhone lenses by preventing direct contact with smooth surfaces.

Integrated magnetic ring from iPhone 15

A magnetic ring has been installed on the fixed backside of the IcedClip + Charge. Visually, it does not only add an accent to the translucent iPhone case, it also supports its practical functions of iPhone 15. On the one hand, it allows for the wireless charging of the phone at exceptionally high speeds. On the other hand, it boosts the magnetic fixation to wireless charging devices and other compatible modules.

This is how the specialized press see our IcedClip:

The Smartphone Magazin is excited about our "colorful protective case". Whereas the robust frame made of flexible TPU grants the IcedClip an "excellent fit", its backside made of Polycarbonate adds "the smartphone an elegant look" and a "pleasant feeling".

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The icy design is also available for your MacBook 

Do you like the translucent design of the IcedClip? If so, we also offer a translucent clip with a black frame for your MacBook.

Why Artwizz

Protection and great design do not have to be mutually exclusive. At Artwizz, we have known this fact for a long time and we thus offer you mobile accessories based on this principle. Our Artwizz IcedClip combines the best characteristics of a sturdy iPhone clip with those of a flexible smartphone cover. This contrast between frame and rear end is also visually reflected in an intelligent design that makes the Artwizz IcedClip an accessory you will fall in love with.

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