IcedClip Clear

Hybrid protective case with a translucent backside and transparent sides

  • carefully selected combination of materials to deliver optimum protective properties
  • extraordinarily scratch resistant, matte backside made of polycarbonate
  • glossy, transparent frame made of elastic and stress resistant  TPU
  • translucent backside with iced finish to allow the iPhone’s color and logo to shine through 

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Item number 6910-3687

Thanks to its innovative composition of materials, our IcedClip Clear offers long lasting protection for your iPhone. The translucent design of this smartphone clip gives the luxurious exterior appearance of your iPhone a stylishly icy touch. The result is a uniquely compelling, fresh design. As a consequence, your everyday mobile phone experience will not only be more secure and safe, but also more stylish.

Two types of materials provide twice the level of protection

The robust backside of our iPhone clips ensures optimum protection against scratches and signs of wear and tear: a particularly resistant polycarbonate material warrants this outcome. Moreover, this material guarantees that the translucent backside will not turn yellow for a much longer time of use than the rear cover of other translucent iPhone cases. 

The frame of the IcedClip Clear, on the other hand, is made of flexible transparent TPU. This stress tolerant material mitigates any potential impact and thus reliably protects the corners and edges of your iPhone. Furthermore, the frame is extremely elastic, which prevents any type of smartphone clip breakage.

Dependable added protection thanks to a slightly extended frame

The frame of the iPhone protector is also slightly elongated on all sides. The purpose of this is to ensure that the screen of your favorite device does not come into direct contact with any smooth surface, if you ever place it on one. This protective principle has also been applied to the camera frame to prevent scratches from damaging the lens.

The understated design places the focus on your iPhone

The simple, clear look of the IcedClip Clear safeguards the continued visibility of the original design and color of your iPhone. Nevertheless, the matte finish of the polycarbonate backside of the iPhone clip also gives your favorite device an understated icy look. The soft touch coating on the backside of the protective cover also guarantees a comfortable feel as you hold your smartphone in your hand. The frame made of TPU is completely transparent and has a slightly glossy finish, so that once again, the look and color of your iPhone are still highlighted.

The specialized press is thrilled:

Our IcedClip Clear attracts the experts due to its innovative combination of materials. This is because the smartphone case "protects reliably against damages caused by falls thanks to strengthened corners and edges and a protruding frame." Therefore the only possible test result ist "excellent".

Would you prefer a clip in color? 

Our IcedClip is also available in a variety of cool colors: Icy Nordic-Blue, fresh Mint-Green, elegant Night-Black or animated Tiger-Orange will give your iPhone an understated colored appearance. Obviously, you can count on the proven protective properties delivered by the extraordinary combination of materials with this colored iPhone clip just as much as you can with the IcedClip Clear.

The icy design is also available for your MacBook 

Do you like the translucent design of the IcedClip? If so, we also offer a translucent clip with a black frame for your MacBook.

Warum Artwizz

Our company was established in 2004 and ever since then we have been focusing on providing uncompromising protection for your smartphone. However, we place just as much emphasis on the visual appearance of our products and combine both aspects in them. The result: Accessories you will fall in love with and that enrich your mobile lifestyle every single day – time and again.


Take off the case on a regular basis to clean its exterior and especially its interior side. This way, you prevent dust and other particles from scratching up your device.

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